MSHS Counseling Center


MSHS Counseling Center Secretary/Registrar: Mrs. Dawn Raines~585-591-1551 ext. 2051

MS Counselor (Gr 6-9): Mrs. Ashley Cangialosi Phone~585-591-1551 ext. 2451

HS Counselor (Gr 10-12):

MSHS School Psychologist: Mrs. Allison Weiler Phone~585-591-1551 ext. 2453

Important information regarding college prep, scholarships and financial aid

New Student Registration

New students are always welcome provided they are living within the Alexander Central School District. Below you will find all components needed to register your student.

  • Registration Guidelines (included in Registration form)

  • Release of Information Form (included in Registration form)

  • Registration Form (below)

  • Parent Portal Form (below)

Parent Portal Form.pdf

Parent Portal

Registration Packet as of 7-2020.pdf

Registration Packet

All Report Cards are now online.

Progress Reports and Quarter Report Cards are now available online in the Student and Parent Portal. They will no longer be physically sent in the mail. If you are not in the Parent Portal and would like to be please click on the above form. Print, Fill in information and return to the Main Office in the middle/high school. A link will be sent to you via email to enroll. If you do not have internet access and wish to receive your students report cards via mail please call the Counseling Center secretary at 591-1551 ext. 2051.

Please note: You may contact the student's teachers, directly, if you wish to get work. Email would be the best approach. Teachers can then reply via email with attachments if needed, especially, if it is for a one day absence. All students have an email.


There is a modified plan for collection of homework for a student who is absent.

  • One day absence~ homework will not be collected.

  • Middle School~If a student is absent for 2 or more consecutive days, you may request work to be collected for sending home or pickup.

  • High School~If a student is absent for 3 or more consecutive days, you may request work to be sent home or pickup.