Read Alouds

Chapter 1: Here Comes Charlie

Read By: Peter Ostrum

Charlie from the movie

Capitulo 1: Aqui Viene Charlie

Chapter 2: Mr. Willy Wonka's Factory

Ready By: Rachel Ellis

Second Harvest Food Bank

Capitulo 2: La Fabrica del Seor Willy Wonka

Chapter 3: Mr. Wonka and the Indian Prince

Ready By: Claire Donahue

Olympic Gold Medalist

Capitulo 3: El Seor Wonka y El Principe Indio

Chapter 4: The Secret Workers

Ready By: Phil Colclough

Zoo Knoxville

Capitulo 4: Los Obreros Secretos

Chapter 5: The Golden Tickets

Read By: Madison Coulter

UT Volleyball Player

Capitulo 4: Los Billetes Dorados

Chapter 6: The First Two Finders

Read By: Mrs. Harper

Assistant Principal at Alcoa Intermediate

Capitulo 6: Los Dos Primeros a Fortunados

Chapter 7: Charlie's Birthday

Read By: Caty Davis

Miss Tennessee

Capitulo 7: El Cumpleaos de Charlie

Chapter 8: Two More Golden Tickets Found

Read By: Julie Rochelle

Chairperson, Alcoa City Schools Board of Education

Capitulo 8: Se Encuentran Otros Dos Billetes Dorados

Chapter 9: Grandpa Joe Takes a Gamble

Read By: Becca James

Star 102.1

Capitulo 9: El Abuelo Joe Se Arriesga

Chapter 10: The Family Begins to Starve

Read By: Jim Hyatt

CEO of Ruby Tuesday

Capitulo 10: La Familia Empieza a Pasar Hambre

Chapter 11: The Miracle

Read By: Tony from WIVK

Capitulo 11: El Milagro

Chapter 12: What it Said on the Golden Ticket

Read By: Director Becky Stone

Capitulo 12: Lo Que Deca El Billete Dorado

Chapter 13: The Big Day Arrives

Read By: Mark Hasty


Capitulo 12: Llega El Gran Dia

Chapter 14: Mr. Willy Wonka

Read By:

Capitulo 14: El Seor Wonka

Chapter 15: The Chocolate Room

Read By: The Head Oompa Loompa

Capitulo 15: El Recinto Del Chocolate

Chapter 16: The Oompa Loompas

Read By: Knoxville Aerial Artists

Capitulo 16: Los Ooma Loompas

Chapter 17: Augustus Gloop Goes Up the Pipe

Read By:

Capitulo 17: Augustus Gloop Se Va Poe Un Tubo

Chapter 18: Down the Chocolate River

Read By: Maryville College Football Players

Capitulo 18:

Chapter 19: The Inventing Room - Everlasting Gobstoppers and Hair Toffee

Read By: Erin Slocum

The Knoxville Weekend

Capitulo 19: La Sala de Invenciones - Caramels Eternos y Toffee Capilar

Chapter 20: The Great Gum Machine

Read By: Gaye Hasty

Blount County Clerk

Capitulo 20: La Gran Maquina De Chilce

Chapter 21: Goodbye Violet

Read By: Holly Rowe

Capitulo 21: Adios, Violet

Chapter 22: Along the Corridor

Read By: Officer Porter

Maryville Police Department

Capitulo 22: Por El Corredor

Chapter 23: Square Candies that Look Round

Read By: Dr. Mike Winstead

Director Maryville City Schools

Capitulo 23: Caramelos Cuadrados Que Se Vuelven En Redondo

Chapter 24: Veruca in the Nut Room

Read By: Amanda Cowles

Capitulo 24: Veruca En El Cuarto de las Nueces

Chapter 25: The Great Glass Elevator

Read By: Kayla Weakly

Maryville College Cheerleader

Capitulo 25: El Gran Ascensor de Cristal

Chapter 26: The Television - Chocolate Room

Read By: Patrick Hoffman

The Weekend Reader

Capitulo 26: La Sala del Chocolate de Television

Chapter 27: Mike Teavee is Sent by Television

Read By: Yellow M&M

Capitulo 27: Mike Teavee es Enviado por Television

Chapter 28: Only Charlie Left

Read By: Alex Anderson

Professional Cross-Fit Athlete

Capitulo 28: Solo Queda Charlie

Chapter 29: The Other Children Go Home

Read By: Ms. Massa

AIS Library Teacher

Capitulo 29: Los Otros Ninos se Van a Sus Casas

Chapter 30: Charlie's Chocolate Factory

Read By: Mr. Spears

Principal at Alcoa Intermediate

Capitulo 30: La Fabrica de Chocolate de Charlie