6th, 7th, and 8th Grade Language Arts

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Kristin Koppes

Alburnett Middle School Language Arts

6th, 7th, & 8th Grade

Email: kkoppes@alburnettcsd.org

Phone: (319) 842-2263

About Mrs. Koppes

  • This is my 11th year teaching and my 10th year at Alburnett.
  • This will be my 6th year in Alburnett Middle School
  • Iowa State University Graduate
  • My son, Cade, is 6 and attending 1st Grade this year.
  • My daughter, Claire, is now 2 1/2!
  • Favorite Series: The Hunger Games, Michael Vey, The Ascendance Triology, The Lunar Chronicles, and Red Queen.
  • Favorite Foods: Peanut Butter M&M's, Lasagna, CHOCOLATE, and Steak.

This year we will be: Reading a variety of novels, writing for multiple purposes, creating and presenting speeches and presentations, learning and utilizing language skills, and reaching our goals!

Grades represent understanding of the English Language Arts Standards. These include Speaking and Listening, Literature, Nonfiction, Writing, and Language. Grades are made up of the percentage of total points earned. Each quarter carries the value of 50% of the semester grade.

Guiding Practices:

  • Students will be provided the opportunity to be reassessed. Tests and quizzes may be retaken within two weeks of the original assessment date. The exact same assessment will not be given as a retake but the material covered will be the same. The higher of the two scores will be awarded.
  • Homework may also be re-done with the higher of the two scores will awarded.
  • Late work must be completed in a timely manner within the current unit of study to receive credit. Late work from non-current units will not be accepted.
  • No extra credit will be offered in substitution for missed worked.
  • Generally, reassessments will be limited to one retake per assessment. Additional reassessments will be provided at the discretion of the teacher.


  • Cell Phones: Cell phones will not be allowed in the classroom. If a cell phone is seen, the student will be asked to put the phone away. If the student is seen with the cell phone again in that class period, the student will turn in their phone to me until the end of the school day. If the student has their cell phone again in the classroom, the cell phone will be taken to the front office and a parent will be contacted.
  • Fidget Devices: The use of fidget devices will not be allowed in the classroom. These items are considered toys. If a student has an IEP or 504 Plan allowing the use of a fidget, the expectations will be discussed with the individual.
  • Backpacks/Bags: Backpacks and bags will be left in lockers and not in the classroom. During the first two weeks of school, students will be able to return to their lockers at the teacher's discretion. In the following weeks students will be given 3 locker passes per quarter to use at an appropriate time to return to their lockers.
  • Materials: Students are expected to bring the required materials to class. Generally this will include homework, assigned book, supply bag (pencil, scissors, glue), language notebook, and free reading book. As with locker passes students will be given 3 borrow passes per quarter to use for any of the missing items.
  • Inappropriate Behavior: Inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated. Student will receive 1 verbal warning for inappropriate behavior. If the behavior should continue, a second verbal warning will be given. After two verbal warnings, the student shall be removed from the classroom and sent to the office. After meeting with the teacher, the student will be back in the classroom.
  • Plagiarism: Plagiarism is defined as taking someone else's work and passing it off as your own. Students who plagiarize work will receive no credit for their work. However, the re-do policy will be available to the student.

Meeting with Mrs. Koppes: If you would like a meeting with Mrs. Koppes, please call or email with an available time. Parents/Guardians who arrive at school to meet without talking to the teacher in advance will be asked to set up a meeting.