Alaska AFSCME Retiree Chapter 52

The Alaska AFSCME Retiree Chapter 52 (AARC52) is a membership of individuals who are open to public service retirees and their partner who qualify for retirement compensation from a public service retirement system, whose retirement comes from the State of Alaska, or a retired public servant eligible for vesture in a public service retirement system and who resides permanently in Alaska. Those former public servants who do not receive a pension but could have been a member of a public service union (if such had been available). AARC52 is a chapter chartered by and affiliated with the AFSCME Retiree Program of AFSCME International, an international organization that is 190,000 retiree members strong and growing! 

What We've Done in 2022

Labor Councils

As of 2022 we have at least one member on the Fairbanks, Juneau, and Anchorage Central Labor Councils. The Central Labor Council carries the responsibility of vetting candidates running for public office in order to determine whether or not we will endorse their candidacy. Ourpresence on every ALaska CLC is vital to our contribution to our AFLCIO membership and political landscape.

Labor Walks

During the political season leading up to the primaries and the general AFLCIO Labor Walks take place every Saturday. Union Affiliates are encouraged to participate as we go door to door apeaking to our Labor Sistaers and Brothers to encourage them in voting for pro-labor endorsed candidates. In addition to our Saturday participation.AARC52 members have volunteered to lit drop during the week when other Union members are working at their jobs.

Recognized AFLCIO Affilitate

At the 2022 AFLCIO Convention, AARC52  was recognized as an AFLCIO Affiliate. Previously  we have never had a vote, much less membership in the AFLCIO governing body.  Now we are part of the governing body, invited to the annual convention, joining the ranks of AFLCIO Vice Presidents, one of which is appointed by each member Affiliate.

Defend Our Constitution

Had No on One passed, our retirement benefits would have been on the chopping block. AARC52 was instrumental the No on One (Defend Our Constitution) by sending $500.00 to help No on One advertices. We initiated a conversation with AFSCME International resulting in $250K for Defend Our Constitution. No on One beat the opposition by over 70% to less than 30%.

Improvements to the AARC52 Constitution

AARC52 has ammened our constitution to be more inclusive. Once approved, we will be able to offer membership to any public service retirees residing in Alaska. The potential members must be vested in their individual retirement accounts and no longer work for the government entity through which they are vested. This will allow us to bring in members who no longer work for public service yet wish to remain active with a public service union.


In Anchorage (907) 301-4685