Angela J. Linn

Museum professional and INDS Ph.D. student at the University of Alaska Fairbanks

I am an Interdisciplinary (INDS) Ph.D. student housed in the Arctic and Northern Studies Program at UAF. My Ph.D. research examines the past, present, and future of Alaska's museums and cultural centers. I'm interested in uncovering the hidden stories of some of Alaska's larger institutions, revealing the historical context from which they grew. I will highlight both the challenges and unique strengths of our current museums and cultural centers by working with my colleagues from across the state. Finally, I hope to forecast directions for future growth and avenues for maintaining and improving our relevance to our communities, in part by examining the relationship between Western-style museums and Indigenous cultural centers.

Academic Interests: Alaska Native material culture; Alaska history; connections between museums and concepts of health & wellness; democratizing and decolonizing museums

Graduate Committee members:

Dr. Mary Ehrlander, Co-Director, Arctic and Northern Studies; Professor of History, UAF (Chair)

Dr. Terrence Cole, Professor Emeritus of History, UAF

Dr. Aldona Jonaitis, Director Emerita, University of Alaska Museum of the North

Dr. Michael Koskey, Department Chair, Center for Cross-Cultural Studies; Assistant Professor of Indigenous Studies, UAF

Dr. Holly Cusack-McVeigh, Assistant Professor of Anthropology & Museum Studies; Public Scholar of Collections and Community Curation, IUPUI