Foreign Languages & English Preparatory School

Foreign Languages and English Preparatory School at University of Mediterranean Karpasia provides quality language services to our university students and support them educationally and socially during their education at UMK. We teach English language to preparatory school and undergraduate students. Also, for our students, we offer an opportunity to learn second foreign languages such as Arabic, German, French, Turkish.

The mision of our Foreign Languages and English Preparatory School is to provide high quality English language education to culturally-diverse students. Our lessons are audio-visual, vibrant and enjoyable and we endeavour to cater for every individual by supporting them with the English they will need for their undergraduate studies.

English Preparatory School offers intensive General English and Academic English courses to undergraduate students who need to improve their English in order to be successfull in their departmental courses. In this respect, English Language courses range from Elementary to Advanced Levels. According to students’ placement exam scores, the students are placed into three English Language Levels as Elementary, Pre-intermediate and Intermediate. For each level, students are to take part in 20 hours of lessons a week where they attend classes every day. At the end of Intermediate level, students have to pass an English proficiency exam in order to proceed to faculty.