A-W Nurse's Station

Welcome to the Akron-Westfield Nurse's Station.

Here you will find the health forms and documentation needed for your student at Akron-Westfield.

See explanations of all requirements below.

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Heather Morehead BAN, RN

Akron-Westfield School Nurse

Phone: (712) 568-2020 Ext. 518

Fax: (712) 568-2997 - Attention: School Nurse

Registration and new/transfer students:

The annual health update form must be completed yearly for all students, and also for any transfer student mid-year. In addition, if you would like your child to have your permission to receive any medication while at school (prescription or over-the counter), you will need to complete the medication form.

  • Annual Health Update Form
  • Medication Form

Kindergarten Round-Up parents:

All students entering Kindergarten at Akron-Westfield must provide a current physical and immunization record. In addition, state law requires dental and vision exam forms to be completed. We also ask that you provide a copy of your child's birth certificate.

  • Explanation of Health Requirements for School Entry
  • A-W Physical form
  • Certificate of Dental screening form
  • Certificate of Vision screening form

Students with Severe Allergies:

  • FARE Food Allergy form - must be completed and signed by both parent and physician. This is required for any student that has a prescription for an epi-pen due to a severe allergy.

Students with asthma involving an inhaler:

  • Asthma Plan form - if your child will keep an inhaler in the nurse's office at school, you will need to complete an asthma action plan.

3rd grade students:

Iowa law requires a vision exam to be done for all students entering 3rd grade in Iowa. We recommend this exam be completed by an eye doctor, but it can also be done by a family physician.

  • Certificate of Vision Screening

Athletic Participants:

Parent permission forms must be completed and signed every school year in order for your child to participate in any sports. In addition, your child must have a sports physical completed by their physician yearly.

  • Parent Permission Form
  • Athletic Pre-Participation Physical Examination Form

7th grade student immunization requirements:

Per state law, all students entering 7th grade must receive both Tdap and meningococcal vaccine boosters.

According to the law, all students entering 12th grade must receive a meningococcal vaccine booster BEFORE the first day of school. There is no exception to this rule. Students will not be allowed to attend school until proof is provided that the vaccine has been administered.

All 7th grade students born after September 15, 2004, will need to submit a completed Certificate of Immunization with the meningococcal conjugate vaccination.

  • Tdap vaccine handout
  • Meningococcal vaccine handout

9th grade student dental requirement:

All students entering 9th grade must have a dental screening completed by a dentist or dental hygienist. If your child visits a dentist, please ask them to complete the certificate.

  • Certificate of Dental Screening

12th grade student immunization requirement:

All 12th grade students born after September 15, 1999, will need to submit a completed Certificate of Immunization with the meningococcal conjugate vaccination (MenACWY), a Certificate of Provisional Enrollment or a Certificate of Immunization Exemption before enrolling in school.

  • Meningococcal vaccine handout