Program Badges

The program badges are worn on the right sleeve. Wardens earn program badges for completing badge requirements as outlined in the Warden's Manual and Leader's Guide. Once all four program badges are earned in an age group, the Warden is eligible for a Tree Badge. Tree Badges signify that the Warden has successfully completed all badge requirements.

The standard Program Badge requirements are:

      • Pathfinder
      • Trailblazer
      • Adventurer
      • Challenger

Each club determines how best to cover the JFW program, given local conditions and availability of resources and expertise.

The Maple Leaf Badge is worn under the program badge for that age group (as above). It signifies that the Warden has participated in 70% of all activities of the club in the past year. Wardens are usually in an age group for three years therefore they may have three Maple Leaf Badges below their program badges.

Both Wardens and Leaders may wear the Bronze Badge once they have completed the Bronze Badge requirements. One may wear the cloth or metal version. Wardens wear the Bronze Metal and Leaders wear the Silver Metal version. The Bronze Badge is worn two finger widths above the pocket. A Leader who was a warden may wear their bronze metal badge.

Leader Badges

Leaders do not wear the Junior Forest Warden badges unless having earned the same as Wardens. They may wear the Silver Bronze Badge (if earned), Provincial, Club, Camp or special approved badges. They do not wear the Group ID Badge (e.g. Pathfinders).

Adults can earn the Bronze Badge, and wear it as a pin instead of a sew-on patch. The pin is bronze if earned as a Warden, pewter if earned as an adult.