Technical Difficulties?

Much of the content on this website is restricted to JFW members only, for privacy and security reasons.

Each adult member of the AJFWA is provided with a username. This is a google account, but is not (by default) an email account. This account gives you access to all member-only content of this website, including Google Drive files, calendars, mailing lists, the Online Store and Events Registration, and more. It also gives you access to the specific files you need when you are a member of a committee, council or board.

Logging in is easy, and once successfully logged in, your browser will be able to save your login for later.

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Multiple google accounts can present a difficulty. Browsers will default to whichever account was logged in first, so you may find that each time you click on a new page, or open a document, you get a permissions error and have to select your account all over again. Two suggestions to solve this: A) Log out of all other google accounts, then log into your JFW account, or B) use a different browser for JFW purposes (We recommend Firefox & Chrome. Safari, Opera and others also work. IE not so much ;)