2018 Fall Workshop

2018 Fall Workshop - October 12 - 14, 2018

The 2018 Fall Leadership Workshop will be held at

Camp Alexo, Nordegg, Alberta

(hosted by Alumni and Members of JFW)

FW18 Cost is only $95.00 per person, **Also offering the Project Wild and Below Zero programs for Leaders as a one-day, 6 hour session. Extra cost of $25 will be added at registration. Limited to 30 participants only so register early! (and you may be eligible for a partial mileage reimbursement. See more details below.)

The AJFWA General Meeting will be happening after lunch on Saturday, Oct. 13th. The food will be great, as the Workshop Committee is cooking it!!!

**If you have something to instruct that you feel would be beneficial to the membership, please contact Meredith Brotherston as soon as possible with your ideas.

The Alberta Junior Forest Warden Association wants to help your Club succeed by giving you the tools to lead a great JFW Club. Join us from October 12 through 14, to learn new skills; meet resource people; find out what is working (and not working) for other clubs; how to teach the JFW program and to share your successes. The workshop sessions will give Leaders, parents and Challengers the opportunity to learn JFW skills, participate in all the activities and give you the information to take back to your clubs and make you better leaders.

CHALLENGERS are welcome to attend! Participation encourages the Challenger to have a more active Leadership role within their clubs!

Camp Alexo, Nordegg, AB MAP and directions

What to Bring:

• silent auction item

• cash for silent auction, football pool tickets

• folding chair

• WARM sleeping bag & under-pad; personal toiletries

• WARM outdoor clothing

• Red uniform shirt

• JFW daypack

• Mug, water bottle

• Notebook, camera

• your Mora knife

• ** If you have special dietary restrictions, please be prepared to bring your own, including extra snacks and be aware that there is little opportunity to use the kitchen

• indoor shoes

• be prepared for outdoor sessions!

Schedule: ** arrival any time after 5 pm Friday, October 12th

Project WILD Below Zero Course Description:

Project WILD Below Zero Workshop / Project WILD is a classic K-12 environmental education program which is one of the most conventional programs used nationwide. With the interdisciplinary Project WILD Activity Guide, you’ll be able to explore topics from; the types of habitats migrating birds need to survive the trek to their wintering grounds to how new fishing technologies have affected the fish populations. The guide features 121 complete lesson plans about wildlife and the environment that can be adapted to suit any age, grade or subject.

As Canadians, we live with snow and ice for at least six months of the year, yet we know surprisingly little about life in frozen environments; such as, where dragonflies go when the snow flies! Below Zero includes 46 lesson plans with supplementary resources which will take you and your students on an amazing sub-zero safari into the winter world of wildlife.

This workshop will be delivered by a certified WILD Education Facilitator who will showcase a variety of activities from the guides and will train you how to use each guide to its fullest potential. With the hands on experience you receive in learning how to run the activities, you will also learn how to adapt them to your specific curriculum needs and instructional settings.

· Full Schedule !

Cancellation/Refund date: October 6, 2018

AJFWA Policy on Mileage Expenses: To help offset some of the financial burden of travel to the 2018 Fall Workshop, attendees with clubs in good standing, operating their own vehicles, will be able to claim the expense of travel outside a 300 km radius for the event. AJFWA will reimburse mileage over 600km, round trip, at a rate of $0.25/km. This is geared to encourage attendance from our members that have significant distances to travel by “leveling the field” with the centrally-based clubs. We also encourage carpooling wherever practical.

We look forward to seeing you at this event!