Fall Workshop

This event invites Leaders, parents and Challengers involved in the JFW program to gather for a weekend workshop. The purpose of the workshop is to provide training opportunities for leaders both new and old, and to create an environment for exchange of ideas with individuals from other clubs.

An important part of the weekend is the General Meeting, one of our twice-yearly business meetings where all members get to discuss, debate and vote on important issues. Look here for copies of documents

Professional and volunteer instruction is offered in a variety of topics, including outdoor skill development, teaching methods, club administration, certifications, etc. Adding to the instructional opportunities is the time offered for networking with other leaders. Club Leaders bring lesson plans to share, spreading their knowledge and techniques and affording a valuable exchange of ideas within the membership.

The Fall Workshop is timed in October to provide a boost to clubs registering new families and Leaders needing to find out more about the program. It is a great inspiration for Leaders “old and new” to help kick off the new season.