Paddle Alberta

AJFWA is working closely with Paddle Alberta to collect accurate and complete data for paddling activities that our Wardens, Alumni, Leaders and Parents participate in. Paddle Alberta is a provincial not-for-profit association with the mandate:

- To support the many forms of recreational paddling

- To serve the needs of recreational paddlers

- To advocate for the sustainability of the paddling environment

- To promote the teaching of safe and enjoyable paddling

By gathering the paddling statistics, not only does AJFWA better understand the paddling activities and needs of our clubs, Paddle Alberta can use the data to advocate for river & lake access, environmental protection and education and awareness programs on our behalf. As you are well aware, the more numbers we have, the stronger the voice we have.

Please complete one Paddle Statistic Form for each trip. They are located here:

Paddling Statistics Form

If you paddle often, please consider book marking this site and entering the data right after each trip. You will see it only takes 1 minute!

Some key points:

- The trip statistic form should be filled out by the club organizing the event, even if multiple clubs are attending

- Only one form per trip

- These forms replace the statistics that were gathered at one time in the fall

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Ruger at