Frequently Asked Questions

An exciting and educational opportunity for young people and their families!

How much does it cost to join a Junior Forest Wardens club?

Each club sets its own fee for membership depending on what is included, with fees ranging between $50 and $150 per year. For example, a club may decide that the annual fee includes the cost of a uniform shirt, while another club may ask members to pay for the uniform separately. Check the club listings to see if there is an active club in your area, or contact to request that a local club contact you with more information.

I just found out about Junior Forest Wardens, can I join a club in the middle of the year?

Many clubs will accept new members anytime during the year. We will connect you with the club coordinator(s) of your local club(s) by phone or through email. Simply contact our Administrator at to be put in touch with a specific Club leader in or closest to your geographical area, or find a club on the map on this page, and click on it to find contact information.

How often does a club meet?

Club meetings are generally held once a week from September to June. Special events and outings occur on weekends as well; each club is different, depending on member’s interests and goals.

How old do I have to be to join?

Children as young as 6 years old can join JFW. There are 4 age groups:

      • Pathfinders – Ages 6-8
      • Trailblazers – Ages 9-11
      • Adventurers- Ages 12-14
      • Challengers – Ages 15-18

Do clubs have a mix of ages, or all one age group?

Clubs are mixed, often having all 4 age groups in one club.

Can parents come to club meetings and events with their kids or can they drop them off?

JFW is a parented program in which parents participate alongside their children in learning about Ecology, Forestry, Leadership and Woods travel and volunteering. This is one of the unique things about JFW - the parents get just as much out of it as the kids do! Preschool age children are also generally welcome at most meetings and club events. As your children grow up, the program becomes more advanced and challenging. You'll be amazed at what your family will learn after a few years in JFW!

What kinds of activities will I get to do as a Warden?

Junior Forest Warden activities focus on our 4 Pillars of:

      • Forestry,
      • Ecology,
      • Leadership, and
      • Outdoor Skills.

JFW helps children and youth develop skills while having fun and helping their community.

I have cousins and friends that live in different provinces, can they join the Junior Forest Wardens?

Yes, Junior Forest Wardens is not just in Alberta! We have clubs in Newfoundland, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia.

I don’t see a club listed where I live but would like to start one, who do I talk to?

We encourage anyone interested in starting a club to contact our Office Administrator by email at . We have a Club Information Kit that can be emailed to you. If you are serious about starting a club we can put you in touch with our Membership Director who will work with you to get your new club chartered.

Is Junior Forest Wardens a government program?

JFW used to be run directly through the Department of Sustainable Resource Development, but became an independent organization in 2007. It is now run by a volunteer Board of Directors, with each club having their own leaders and volunteers.

I’m almost 18 now, is it too late to join the Junior Forest Wardens?

We welcome children and youth of all ages to join. There are opportunities for older Wardens and adults to develop training, mentoring, and leadership skills that will assist you in becoming future leaders in the JFW program and/or in your community. If you were a Warden in the past, you can also join as an Alumni to keep involved!

Thank you for your interest in Junior Forest Wardens!