Strategic Plan

AJFWA Strategic Plan

The original Strategic Plan, adopted in 2005, was reviewed and revised in January 2016.

Along with a revised Mission and Values statement, the following goals were identified.

Goal 1

    • Generate sustainable/on-going funding equal to or greater than provincial funding, within 3 years

Goal 2

    • Build succession plans covering all key positions (board, region, club) to enable on-going, successful operations
        • AJFWA Board and Regions – 12 months
        • Clubs – 24-36 months

Goal 3

    • Develop roles and responsibilities for council members at all levels, and hold those in positions accountable

Goal 4

    • Develop a platform for effective communications across all JFW levels

Goal 5

    • Create/implement a major event planning template

Goal 6

    • Assess, support, and assist in sustainable growth (club, region, province, and national)

Goal 7

    • Develop and revise educational materials for our youth programs

Goal 8

Improve public awareness of the Junior Forest Warden program across Canada

Goal 9

Develop leaders and training resources

For more information on the Strategic Plan, please contact your regional Directors