STEM Design Challenge

2022 Challenge

Infrastructure is the framework of our world. Buildings, roads, and power supplies are part of the infrastructure needs of our society. Your challenge is to improve our transportation system. Think of current transportation systems like air travel, vehicle travel, bicycling, etc. In what ways can they be improved to create a safer, healthier, and cleaner world? Or does your team have an idea for a new transportation system? Create a prototype that shows this improved, or new, transportation system. Demonstrate how your system works by moving a ping pong ball (or similar object) through your prototype.


  • A team of 2-4 students will work together on the project.

  • This year we are asking students to create their prototype using recyclable materials and/or K’Nex.

  • Each team will need to create and submit a design notebook and a blueprint.

  • Each team will need to prepare a presentation (max 2 minutes) on their model and how they answered the challenge.

Design Notebook


  • A blueprint is a technical drawing or design plan for a project. It is used to represent the final product.

  • Blueprints for the STEM Design Challenge can be a photo, drawing, cad drawing, online sketch, etc. Be creative!

  • Resources for blueprint ideas


  • Teams will answer the challenge by creating a prototype of their idea. This year teams may use recyclable materials or K’Nex pieces.

  • Teams may include a backdrop or artwork but judges will not consider this in their scoring.


Amy Davis McShane

State STEM Design Challenge Coordinator