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How does The Academy@AIS Egypt work?

The Academy @AISE provides a predominantly self-paced curriculum for students registered at AISE. The Academy’s curriculum is facilitated by AISE teachers and punctuated with once per month Authentic Learning Opportunities and Assessments (ALO’s). Academy students will earn AISE credit for courses in good standing. The courses are aligned to meet our graduation requirements and are both innovative and engaging. There are opportunities for students to earn University credit for some courses as well, these are facilitated by Arizona State University professors. Students will be supported by AISE teachers while engaging in their courses. The program will be personalized in terms of course choice and there will be a few courses (such as Arabic) that will be offered as direct instruction from our teachers.

High Challenge - High Support - Self Paced

  • The Academy program is a year-long commitment.

  • At the end of each academic year, students may choose to re-enroll in The Academy or to attend one of our physical campuses.

  • The Academy students are AISE students and are bound by AISE expectations.


  • Study from anywhere and at any time (asynchronously) --- you set your day’s schedule (if you are one of our special athletes, for example, this works around your club training schedule)

  • Set your own pace (within our guidelines) --- you can work ahead whenever you want or take time off for special events, family travel, etc

  • Students will be invited to participate in Authentic Learning Opportunities (ALO) that will take place on the AISE campus on scheduled Saturdays once per month throughout the year. While attendance is not mandatory, completion of the work related to the ALO is required to earn the course credit.

Canvas Learning Platform

  • All of the courses are laid out in the same home page structure which is easy to manage and work through

  • With the exception of the ALO’s, every lesson topic, task, and assessment is visible from the beginning of the semester so there are no surprises for students, no last-minute “extra” expectations. Dates for the ALO’s are on the calendar but not the specific tasks.

  • Many of the courses have cutting-edge interactive technology that makes the learning experience fun and memorable.

  • Much of the work is completed in the learning platform and receives immediate computer-generated feedback.

  • Students are able to repeat lessons or specific tasks to deepen their learning or earn a better grade.


  • AISE teachers who know our students will be grading the work and giving additional feedback

  • AISE teachers will be offering support during specific Egypt time zone work hours.

  • Academy Administrators will be following up on student progress and parents will have access to progress monitoring as well.

Quick Disclaimer

Not all courses have the fabulous graphics embedded in the BioBeyond course but all are organized for easy student access and engagement.

Our AISE teachers will be engaging in individual or small group discussions with our students.

As described in the video to the left, continued partnership with ASU will allow AISE students to earn undergraduate university credits concurrently while in high school and if desired, complete their entire university degree through ASU (online or in-person in Arizona, USA).

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