AIR Programs Honors Project

Honors Project

Native Youth Peer Decision Makers

AIR Programs Honors Courses are a collaboration with Intertribal Court of Southern CA for the development of training within restorative justice for our Native Youth. 

These trainings are to support Native Youth in understanding Restorative Justice ideals and applying this within our Native Youth Peer Court.  Here, Youth who have gone through this training will be part of our Native Youth Peer Decision Makers (Peer Decision Makers/PDM) who will apply this understanding as a jury within the Native Youth Court. This understanding will not only create greater Native Youth citizens, but more importantly assist their fellow Native Youth who have chosen path that may not be the best for themselves and their communities.  Our Peer Jury will work with the Native Youth in developing a Tribal wellness plan so that may have greater opportunities in life and become part of our communities.

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Honors Project Description

The Honors project has primarily been developed through our work with the Intertribal Court of Southern CA, the University of California San Diego, San Diego State University as a restorative justice and Tribal governance training. 

Here is a mini presentation on our project.

UCSD/AIR/ICSC Course Offerings

Introduction to the Legal System Course
1 Semester Unit

Starting: Sept. 11th, 2023
Ending: Oct. 2nd, 2023

This course provides an introduction to the American Legal System, including the sources of law and the systems by which the law is administered and enforced. This course will also review the origins of law and how it developed into the current legal system. This class will also cover the U.S. Constitutional, Civil Procedure, Criminal Law, Legal Research and how to brief a case.

Introduction to the Tribal Legal Studies
3 Semester Units

Starting: Oct. 2nd 2023
Ending: Dec. 9th 2023

This course provides a broad overview of the most important issues involved in tribal legal studies, including an overview of tribal government, the history of tribal court systems, legal structure of tribal courts, tribal court criminal and civil jurisdiction, roles in tribal court systems, due process, appellate courts, the Indian Civil Rights Act, Public Law 280 and the Indian Child Welfare Act. Students receive an introduction to the basic concepts of legal studies with emphasis within contemporary tribal legal issues. The course addresses tribal common law and traditional dispute resolution methods, including the examination of the incorporation of custom and tradition into the Tribal court system. 

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Course Assignment readings
For Fall 2023

Course Assigned Readings will be posted for students to access via this page for the first few weeks for those having complications in registering.

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