5oth Annual

Applied Imagery Pattern Recognition Workshop

Virtual Workshop

October 12th - October 14th 2021

The purpose of the Applied Imagery Pattern Recognition (AIPR) annual workshops is to bring together researchers from government, industry, and academia in an elegant setting conducive to technical interchange across a broad range of disciplines. The papers span a range of topics, from research to fielded systems and provide to scientists, developers, and managers alike, a broad vision of the applicability of image analysis and machine learning technologies.

AIPR continues the half-century of success and tradition in pioneering new topics in applied image and visual understanding. The current worldwide pandemic focuses our collective attention on artificial intelligence (AI) in medicine and biomedicine to improve healthcare. Healthcare systems around the world are being challenged and experiencing a large influx of patients requiring intensive monitoring. Researchers are working on near-term and long-term projects to bring relief to clinical providers with enhanced automation capability to assist in patient monitoring, rapid diagnosis, and drug discovery. Large medical databases are offering new opportunities to accelerate the adoption of AI and improve medical outcomes. The 2021 IEEE AIPR Workshop will explore artificial intelligence in medicine, healthcare, and neuroscience.

Thank you for a wonderful 50th Anniversary workshop!

IEEE AIPR will be held as a virtual workshop.

As of August 15th, 2021, the AIPR 2021 Workshop will be held virtually. This was a difficult decision, as we were eagerly looking forward to hosting a joyous reunion of our community. However, the ongoing effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have made it unlikely that we would be able to guarantee a safe environment for all attendees at a large in-person event.

Our goal remains to provide a workshop of the highest quality - we aim to take full advantage of the virtual platform to enhance inclusivity, with an emphasis on showcasing computer vision and medical AI.

Thank you for your patience and understanding in these unprecedented times.

Extended deadline for abstract submission: September 3rd

Author notifications: NLT September 10

Presentation upload: October 1st

In addition to papers on regular AIPR topics in applied imagery, the Workshop Committee invites papers that address all aspects of medical and biomedical AI, development of novel tools, methodologies, algorithms, theory, and mechanisms for biomedicine, healthcare, and neuroscience. Theme topics include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • AI-based medical imaging for COVID-19 detection, outcome prediction, or monitoring

  • Deep learning and AI for medicine, computer aided diagnosis, biology, drug discovery

  • Medical image classification, segmentation, and registration

  • Connectomics, brain imaging, fMRI, neural circuitry, neuropathologies

  • Multiscale biological and biomedical signal and image analysis

  • Deep neural networks for pathology, radiology, and microscopy

  • Robotics technologies for medical and biomedical applications

  • Biomedical analysis for clinical imaging and informatics

  • Data mining and image retrieval for biomedical imagery

  • Personalized healthcare, electronic health records, translational and precision medicine

  • Geospatial epidemiology and healthcare

  • Pattern recognition for early identification of viral contagions

  • Patient monitoring, wearable devices, and multi-sensor multimodal diagnostics

  • Regional healthcare lessons learned in pandemics

  • Advances in statistical image processing

  • Novel uses of differentiable programming in developing AI systems

  • Ubiquitous sensors and their impact on biomedical measurements

  • Conducting medical imaging science with urgency

Dr. Richard Maude

Associate Professor Centre for Tropical Medicine and Global Health

Dr. Patricia Brennan

Director, National Library of Medicine, National Institute of Health

Dr. Michael Hawrylycz

Allen Institute for Brain Science

Dr. Tara Schwetz

White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, Associate Deputy Director, National Institute of Health

Dr. Fleming Y. M. Lure

Chief Product Officer, MS Technologies Corp

Dr. Mikel Rodriguez

Director of The Artificial Intelligence & Autonomy Innovation Center at MITRE

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