AidIT's NGO App Suite

An integrated and holistic NGO information management solution


Project planning and management

Fundraising and Social Media marketing

Create and share reports and proposals

Financial accounting (Release date: 31 March 2020)

Project evaluation (Release date: 31 May 2020)

Team, Beneficiary, Donor and Stakeholder management

Meeting management (Release date: 28 Feb 2020)

Integration with YouTube, Blogger, Social Media, Maps, Drive and Calendar

These apps can be customized to your liking and integrated with any custom app we build for you.

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An app to plan projects including objectives, indicators, outputs, budgets, tasks, teams, resources, affiliates and strategies for fundraising, evaluation and reporting.

Share a full project plan in pdf format.

Make use of AidIT's Donor and Support database to identify support opportunities for your projects.

An app to manage projects including beneficiaries, tasks, indicators, outputs, teams, resources and affiliates.

Sharing of achievements to social media, like a task done, are possible with the push of a button.

Easily monitor progress and due dates per project or team member.

An app to fundraise for projects, report on projects and share project information on your social media platforms.

Stay up to date with latest funding opportunities and create social media campaigns for online fundraising initiatives.

Create and share full project proposals, update and progress reports.

Custom Apps

Making use of modern state of the art codeless technology we build powerful apps in no time and at very low rates

App Platform features:

Android, iOS and web based

Multimedia capability

Differentiate users on sign in (Pro Plan)

Integration with Google G suite

Google level of security

Rich reporting and proposal templates

Monthly user rate stays the same no matter how many apps you use

You can choose which apps should be integrated using the same data sets.