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Kankei stands for "Relationship" in Japanese. That's all our life is about.

MyReco Kankei is a desktop application that combines AI and incredible visualizations to deliver a powerful tool that helps you find and explore your contacts relationships.

Coming up next, together with other MyReco suite, let us be your guide when searching for shared files that you thought was beyond reach.



MyReco Kankei uses advanced visualization to help you explore relationship between your contacts.


MyReco unifies to a single graph the communications from all your emails accounts. More integration coming up, including Slack.


MyReco Kankei can help you discover or re-discover who are your main connections and how you relate to them.

Sync and Share

Seamlessly sync your data across devices through the cloud, and also exchange part of your data with your peers.

Stay tuned!

How does it work?

Step 1: Analyze your Emails and Chat

The success of your journey relies on the capabilities of your tools. Teach MyReco Kankei how to access your emails and chat, and let it create a map to help you navigate your data.

Step 2: Visualize your Relationships

MyReco Kankei displays all your contacts relationship in a single graph. The distance between two contacts reflects how often they communicate between each other.

Step 3: Look Further

MyReco Kankei gives you access to detailed information at every step. Data gathered about your contacts, including how they interact, become available to you. To make it more relevant, advanced filters allow you see only what you need.

Step 4: Discover and Re-discover

Who was that person you met two years ago, so important to your business now? Who is this customer that can become your next brand ambassador? Ultimately, MyReco Kankei's purpose is to provide you with meaningful answers.

Frequently Asked Question

How can MyReco Kankei improve my workflow?

MyReco Kankei helps you re-discover relationships within your contacts previously buried in your mailbox. With this visualization app, you can easily navigate through your contacts and find relationships that you may not have been in touch with for a while.

How does MyReco Kankei generates the visualization?

When you first login, the system will generate your contacts relationships using the information contained in the header of emails you exchanged.

How long does it take to generate my contacts relationships?

It only takes a few seconds to generate from the first login, enough time for you to enjoy coffee. After that, the network is updated in real time as you receive more emails.

What are the data exploring options?

MyReco Kankei comes with several filters such as names and periods of time. Having said that, you can also manually explore your data by clicking and navigating through the visualized contacts relationships.

How do you generate the groups?

MyReco Kankei uses top-of-the-line machine learning algorithms to discover the groups that matter to you.

How long does it take to configure?

Simply input your login information in the same way you login to your email and you're done!

Does it work with any type of e-mail?

All mail client using IMAP are supported (Gmail, Yahoo etc..). Microsoft Exchange is supported on request only (not supported yet as a standard).

Do you keep any of my email private information?

No, our company takes the data privacy very seriously. MyReco Kankei app does NOT read your mails. The algorithm only read the headers. No information is stored by the app.

How much does it cost? Is it free?

Right now, we are in a closed beta stage. Please apply below to be a member of beta test program and join us to make this app a success. In a short future there will be be paid plans, with a free tier.

Beta Tester Program

Help us to make the initial release a success.

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