IB Math Studies

Course Overview

Students in Grade 11 and 12 typically take this course

Major Outcomes of IB Mathematics Studies:

  • Sets, logic and probability
  • Functions and Algebra
  • Geometry and trigonometry
  • Statistics
  • Introduction to Differential Calculus
  • Financial mathematics
  • Internal assessment project during the course
  • IB Exam at the end of the course

Projects and written work are included in the classroom experience. Instruction during the course is provided in a variety of ways using technology (graphing calculator required), hands-on activities and other assessments to prepare for the IB Exam components

The resources for this course are currently accessible only through the Moodle website. Either copy and paste the URL into your browser or click on the link below.

Using the link information above (copy/paste or click), you will be redirected to the IB Math Studies Moodle page. The Enrollment Key to access the materials will be provided by the classroom math teacher. Once at the Moodle website, you will be able to access the Student Text, the Textbook Solutions, and Instructional Videos. These online materials are protected by copyright laws; you must log in using the Enrollment Key that was provided to students by their classroom teacher.

Please see your classroom teacher if you have questions.