Blendtec India

The Value of Blendtec in Your Life

The Value

Foods with enhanced flavours, finer textures, retaining live nutrients. Internalizing a host of foods into personalized, safe and fresh; that otherwise are prepacked with preservatives, enzymes and artificial flavours.

In short, purest form of nourishment for the body for regeneration, reduce toxins intake, and increased vitality. Get youthful, reduce fat, increase lifespan.

How we do it

Blendtec blender comes with IA (intuitive automation) and power of 1500 to 1800 watts, that can run as slow as 4000 RPM to 30,000 RPM. Once you plan the recipe, IA does the magic of creating foods that are impossible with a common mixie (with RPM between just 500 to 5000).

What can you make now

In seconds, smooth pastes as garlic, nut butter, creamy chutneys, minced meat or ground (keema, patty, sausages), whole juices, ice blended fruit smoothies, frozen fruit ice creams, dense creamy soups (heated in blender), bread and pizza dough, powdered sugar, kneading dough, dosa batters, fine ground coffee (for espresso), chopping vegetables, ice cream and thick shakes (oreo, biscuits), crushed ice, snow ice, frozen mocktails as margarita, smooth ground masalas (spices), whipped cream from milk, nut milk, cappuccino and caffe alfredo, baby food, and hundreds of recipes of fresh, healing, nutrient rich foods your body requires more as we grow.

One Machine that replaces Ten

  1. Smoothie Maker

  2. Juicer Extractor

  3. Dry/ Spices grinder

  4. Fine Coffee Grinder

  5. Hot & Cold Soup maker

  6. Frozen Ice Cream maker

  7. Whipped creamer (without CO2)

  8. Hot Cappuccino maker

  9. Ice Crusher

  10. Spindle Mixer

It is just perfect for homes with limited kitchen counter, where you can still enjoy the facilities of a large kitchen. Add on advantage is eliminating too many machines where roaches breed.

Made for Indian Kitchen Perfectly

Indian kitchens actually need two different jars traditionally, one for food ingredient and spices grinding, the other for blending, whipping, juicing. Blendtec blends perfectly, while competing US products expect the Indian customer to do it all in a single jar. The problem is mixing of smells of spices in fruit and smoothie blends. The solution is to keep them separate.

Picture: Yoga and Food Nutritionist, Divya Nichani of Puravida, Bangalore.

Who is it for?

For true heart foodies that love the kitchen and take pride in making the most innovative and best foods. Someone that is experimental, a creator. And someone who prefers to avoid processed packed preserved foods and beverages; but only accept fresh flavorful food and beverages from farm grown nutrients.

Does it define you?

Shop for your Blendtec

Agniswan Innovations is delivering Blendtec commercial & home products in India since 2004 with a setup technical center. Check out the model of home blender that meets your expectations. You can order directly online, right here.

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