Alba-Golden ISD

Kindergarten Online Learning

Storyline Online
(read alouds)

PBS Kids (educational games)

Below you will find some links to websites we use at school. Your child should know their login information for the sites. If not, please contact their teacher.

Specific classroom pages:

Mrs. Hlavaty's class page: mrshlavatyskindergarten

iRead: username: normally the students name, sometimes will have the last initial (students should know these by now, if not please contact their teacher on Remind/email password: 12345

BrainPOP Jr. : username: albabp password: brainpop

PebbleGo: username: albagolden password: school

Mrs. Wright's computer lab page:

Fluency and Fitness is offering 21 days free to parents when you sign up.

Scholastic - Create your own free account.

Learning A-Z Raz Kids Free trial for 14 days.

Lunch doodles with author Mo Willems:


Epic Books:

ABC & sight word flash cards

*these are presented out of order to help build fluency

ALL MIXED UP Flash cards ABCs and Numbers

Below is a file that you can print to make flash cards for our sight words!

sight word flash cards.pdf

After reviewing these 3D shapes go on a scavenger hunt around your house and yard to find these shapes! Fold a paper into four pieces and record with drawings the cones, cylinders, spheres, and cubes that you find. Then send a picture in Remind to your teacher!

This is not a great picture but here is our kindergarten sight words for the year!

(the red words that are hard to see are our number words)

Practice your sight words and spelling CVC words daily. Here are a few fun ideas that require no pencil or paper....Chalk, mud, puffy paint, Legos, paintbrush and water! Get creative and have fun! Send a picture through Remind to your teacher!!

March 30-April 3

Review Addition and Subtraction this week

Create a chalk number line to 10. Space it out enough so the kids can jump from number to number. Practice telling them simple number stories and have then jump to act it out. For example, "I have two dogs." They will then jump to the number 2. "I get 2 more dogs." They will then add two more by jumping two more times. Then they can practice write the number sentence 2+2=4. You can do the same thing with subtraction. This can also be done with painter's tape indoors!

Puffy paint is great for practicing sight words, spelling, writing numbers and drawing shapes! Shout out to Ryken for this awesome idea!

Puffy Paint Recipe

Click the picture for more info on how to make puffy paint.

April 6-10


Non-standard Measurement (measuring with items that are not usually used, like a pencil, toothpick, circle cereal, etc. )

Make your own tall and short “monsters” with paper or outside with chalk. Use pennies, cereal, or any other non standard measuring tool to compare and measure both the tall and short monster.