See how we discover and explore new skills and ideas 

Summer Programming Skills

The team met over the summer to learn new skills in Java and continues to do so through mentoring

Disassemble / Re-Assemble

The team took apart and put back together different robots from past years to further their knowledge. We also discovered if you attach lights to your main power source after you've calibrated your shooter, the results are not good 


See how we use creativity and persistence to solve problems 

Boy, Shooting Consistently Is Hard

After learning about limelights at the first competition the team embarked on learning more to better understand how to shoot more consistently

Nope That Didn't Work

The first attempt at trying to get the robot to hang from the bars in the first competition proved unsuccessful with hokey hangers the team moved on to extenders using pneumatic tube extenders for the second 

I Can't See

After realizing that the drivers couldn't see on the other side of the hoop the team purchased, installed and programmed a camera in between matches


See how we apply what we learn to improve the world 

STEAM Ambassadors

The team participates in community events such as Harvest Fest and FIrst Night out to get the community excited about and learn more about STEAM

Mentoring FLL Teams

The team mentors Agawam FLL teams in programming, robot design and project presentations in addition to facilitating mock competitions and judging

Volunteering at FLL Competitions

Team members volunteered as judges, referees and concessions at the WPI Regional FLL competition

Machine Safety Sheets

The team worked with school teachers to fully understand safe operation of all the machines the team uses and documented for use by the entire school


See how we respect each other and and embrace our differences 

We are all different, come from different backgrounds, have different experiences, like different things and have different interests both outside and inside robotics. In addition to robotics, we have athletes, musicians, scouts you name it we have it. When it comes to robotics some of us like one or a combination of programming, designing in CAD, 3D printing, machining, working with our hands, marketing, teaching, fundraising, entertaining, organizing, traveling and some of us do not. We all understand that respecting each other and embracing differences not only makes us a better team but better people


 See how we are stronger together when we work together 

Load Em Up And Move Em Out

Load the trailer

unload the trailer


Dang...These Robots Are Heavy

At over 100lbs and typically with some unique awkward features it definitely takes a team to move these behemoths around

If We All Hold The Drill It's Bound To Be Level

Sometimes it takes a team for the big things and sometimes it takes a team for the little things

All Synched Up

With CAD, programming, mechanical, electrical, scouting and assembly and testing all relying on each other we know we need a coordinated plan for success


 See how we celebrate what we do 

Mobile Platform

The team built a mobile platform to demonstrate the robots anywhere at anytime

At The Lake

Every now and then the team takes a break from building to relax

Do We Have A Mascot....Yes We Do!

We don't need it to be halloween to win a costume contest at River Rage


The annual Ziti Dinner is not only good food but good times and a great fundraising activity where the community comes together for food, fun and prizes while the Rosie Robotics and FLL teams showcase what they have accomplished