Summer Reading Lists and Work Packets


Honors Algebra II / Trigonometry (.doc / .pdf)

Honors Geometry (.pdf)


The Affton English Language Arts department knows that strong readers make strong learners. Research shows students who maintain regular reading habits during the summer are more successful in high school, college, and beyond. In an effort to foster reading skills, your child’s English teacher has created an assignment to assist her/him in this endeavor.

Texts have been selected to allow for choice, to align with the content of the course, to be engaging, and to be at an appropriate grade level. A written assignment or project may also be assigned to allow students to write and think critically about their reading. These assignments also create a common starting point to engage the content of next year’s course. While these written assignments will be primarily used for diagnostic purposes to evaluate a student’s writing, reading, and academic discipline, successful completion of the assignment is expected and may count as part of the student’s first semester grade.


Honors Topics in Physics is a prerequisite for Honors Chemistry (but some students might not have taken the Honors Physics class). In Honors Topics of Physics, students are expected to have learned how to measure correctly and to have learned about significant figures, scientific notation and conversion factors. It is expected that students will know how to do this BEFORE beginning Honors Chemistry. However, even if a student already studied these topics and may be a little rusty. All students entering Honors Chemistry will be required to complete the attached packet of work and turn it in preferably on the first day of school, but no later than Monday, Aug 20 (the 4th day of school). DO NOT WAIT UNTIL AUGUST!!! The packet includes links to excellent on-line tutorials. Completing the packet before school starts gives you the opportunity to ask questions and make sure you really understand everything before being tested on the material. Email teacher, Rebecca Sparks with questions.