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Our aim is to inspire excellence and to build confidence and character in every student so they can lead a remarkable life.

Our Key Drivers

High expectations for all: Our students deserve to achieve the best possible academic outcomes irrespective of background. 

Rich experiences: Students should have rich experiences to think critically, communicate clearly, lead teams, be independent,  be creative, build long term memory, and make meaningful connections through a coherent, broad and balanced whole school and subject specific curriculum.

Everyone is valued: Our students should learn to value and accept themselves, each other and our community and become responsible, global citizens, appreciating and celebrating the diversity of our community and the world around us.

Well prepared and confident citizens: Our students should be well informed and well prepared for their future as British citizens.

Key calendar dates

Wednesday 7th February
Year 9 KS4 curriculum assembly

Thursday 8th February

Year 9 KS4 curriculum evening 

*This will be an opportunity for parents and students to begin to understand the process that students will go through.

Tutor sessions to support the process w/b: 19th, 26th, 4th March

A series of sessions throughout Feb/March to support choices

Monday 26th Feb

Google forms will be received for students to complete their choices

Tuesday 9th April 2024

Deadline for google forms to be completed


Consultation as necessary for individual students


Confirmation of KS4 subjects for students

The Key Stage 4 Curriculum – What are the pathways?

At Rawlett all students must study the following set of core subjects:

These subjects make up just over 60% of the student timetable and allow them to achieve 5 GCSEs.  Students have some choice for the remaining 40% of the timetable.  We are committed to a broad and balanced curriculum and so our expectation is that most students will take French and either Geography or History for two of these options.  This ensures that breadth of qualifications for future employment and study whilst still allowing a choice to explore their passions, be creative and build resilience.

To help students with their choices, we have placed each of them onto a personalised curriculum pathway. . The pathways will not affect setting, they are there to help decision making, and classes are likely to contain students from all pathways.  

We have looked carefully at current and past performance to allocate students to what we consider the most appropriate option pathway; there will however be some bits of information that we do not know about and so pathways are not set in stone.  If you think we have not got it right please do not hesitate to make contact with your child’s Form Tutor, Head of Year or SLT Lead.

The Key Stage 4 Qualifications and Gradings

Recent years have seen significant national changes to GCSEs, this has included the removal of controlled assessment, an increase in the breadth and depth of knowledge needed for examinations and also the introduction of a new grading system.  

GCSEs are now all 1 to 9, with a 9 being the highest grade possible.  Gaining a grade 9 will show a student is in the top 20% of all students nationally who gain a grade 7 or above.

In terms of progress our aim is that a hard working student who was working at an average score of 100 at  the end of Year 6 and who continues to make good progress will achieve a grade 6 at the end of Year 11.

The table below shows an approximate comparison between the grades of different qualifications.

Making a decision

Remember you are not alone in making these decisions; everyone in Year 9 both here and in most schools around the country are going through the same process.  There are a number of websites that can help you.

The National Careers Service website is full of information and advice on different careers and how to make it happen.

They have advisers who will give you independent and impartial advice and guidance if you want to speak to someone outside of school.  

Remember you can speak to your Form Tutor or House Leader, your subject teachers, any members of staff, your family and friends. Don’t forget Miss Ambrose is our careers expert.

Ask as many questions as you can and then think about what you want to do.  

In the end it is unlikely that your subject choice now will rule you out of any career in the future.  It may however make it a bit harder or make it take a bit longer before you get started in the job of your dreams.