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A welcome from the Head of School, Ms S Zand

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Maltings Academy.

We are a co-educational secondary academy set up to provide an excellent education for children in Witham where we teach our students to work collaboratively and develop mutual respect for their peers, their teachers and members of the wider community. We teach students to take responsibility for their own learning and become independent, which is key to their success. Our academy is a remarkable place to learn, providing an ambitious but happy and inclusive environment. As well as strong pastoral support, we offer a broad and balanced curriculum that allows all students to succeed and enjoy their learning journey. As part of the AET, a highly successful national group of academies, our students also benefit from wider opportunities and resources.

At Maltings Academy, we have high expectations of our students of all starting points and abilities. For this reason, we offer a tailored learning experience so they can achieve beyond their potential, ensuring that students are challenged and supported equally in accordance with their needs. We are committed to deliver excellence to ensure we provide the youngsters of Witham a positive learning experience they will treasure and will lead them to greatness.

We know that our students will leave us academically successful, but we also want them to be well-rounded individuals with a highly developed moral compass, ready to lead in their communities and beyond. We expect our students and staff to give nothing except their very best in pursuit of making a difference to their lives and the lives of others around them.

Everyday, we guide students to be able to make a difference by being respectful of themselves and others, arriving at school with a readiness to learn and engage positively in their lessons. We support our students to develop and demonstrate resilience on their learning journey with us and have aspirations for them to become a generation we can all be proud of.

I would encourage you to visit us on our open days and take the opportunity to chat to our students and teachers about their experiences here. It really is a wonderful community school, with committed staff and we would be delighted to welcome you.

Ms S Zand

Head of School

A welcome from the Executive Headteacher, Mr Damian Lee

It was a great honour for me to be appointed as Executive Headteacher of the two superb academies in Witham. Both are progressing at a pace to further improve outcomes for the young people they serve and I know we will see some excellent results year on year.

We now have a wonderful opportunity for new beginnings and as Executive Headteacher, my expectations are for people to be happy in the academy, for everyone to be polite, smile and be courteous at all times.

I want students to enjoy their school life and be inspired by their lessons, whilst providing each one of them with the academic challenge that enables them to realise their potential. Alongside this, the Witham academies are committed to nurturing a supportive community which encourages a sense of social responsibility and personal development for all.

My responsibility is to ensure that we fulfil our aims and build on our achievements to enable current and future students to be well prepared for the challenges of life in the 21st century.

We would love for you to visit our Academy to see for yourself the great learning culture and ethos we have built here.

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If you have any queries regarding vaccinations please call the Immunisation line on 0300 790 0597 where you can leave a voicemail and someone will return your call.


Due to an increase in positive Covid cases across all year groups we have made the decision to have no visitors to the Academy until further notice. Thank you in anticipation of your support and understanding.

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The outbreak management plan has been updated, click here to view the latest version.


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Important Notice

Dear Parent/Carer

Re: Academy Uniform Reminder January 2022

As we approach a new term, I am writing to remind all parents and carers of the Academy’s uniform policy and expectations. Prior to the holidays, we had a minority of students arriving in the morning in trainers, with leggings or wearing hoodies under their blazers, or with nose studs; none of which are permitted at the Academy.

This is a reminder of our uniform policy that can be viewed on our website. In this policy we clearly state what is and what is not acceptable. Below is a list of what the Academy requires each student to wear to the Academy:

  • Academy blazer

  • Plain black school shoes

  • Black socks

  • Plain white collared shirt (short or long sleeved)

  • Academy tie (Blue with thin red stripes)

  • Plain black trousers (must be able to be fastened, no pull up trousers or leggings)

  • Plain (no logos or branding) grey V neck jumper (optional)

  • Academy skirt (with black opaque or natural tights, optional)

As we approach the colder seasons, students are permitted to wear an outdoor coat over their blazers on their way to school and when they are outside at break times.

(Further allowances in place currently due to ventilation requirements permits students to wear these indoors)

Jewellery is also referenced in our uniform policy. Students are only permitted to wear one plain stud per earlobe (no other piercings are permitted) and a watch; no other jewellery is permitted. If your child is wearing jewellery that is not permitted then it may be confiscated.

Make-up is to be minimal/subtle. Excessively long eyelashes are not permitted and students will be asked to remove them if they are deemed such. Fake or acrylic nails are not permitted on the grounds of safety. Only clear nail varnish is allowed.

Trainers and leggings are not permitted and students will be sent home to change if they arrive at school wearing either. Wearing trainers for medical reasons may only be permitted for a set period of time and with documentation from a paediatrician, clearly stating how long the student will need to wear trainers. On these rare occasions we may allow a student to wear plain black trainers only.

We also understand that children have growth spurts and items of clothing become damaged. We therefore suggest that students have spare items so they can continue to wear the expected uniform. If for any reason this is not possible, please send your child to school with a note, or phone the Academy. You will likely receive a call from the child’s form tutor or SPL to discuss a resolution to the matter. If we do not receive a phone call or a letter explaining the uniform infringement your child may not be allowed to attend lessons until the matter is resolved.

A final reminder also regarding PE. All students are expected to attend the Academy in full school uniform daily, even on days they are timetabled to have PE lessons. On such days, students are expected to bring in their PE kit and will get changed for their PE lesson.

As always, I appreciate your support in this matter.

Yours sincerely

Ms. S Zand

Head of School