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DfE Coronavirus Helpline - 0800 046 8687

8am-6pm (Monday to Friday)

10am-4pm (Saturday and Sunday)

Questions or queries can be directed in relation to Education and Children's Social Care. This number is open to staff, parents and young people.

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Safeguarding concerns during Academy Closure

Maltings Academy are committed to safeguarding all of our students during this period of enforced closure. By logging into G-Suite/Google classrooms or using a Chromebook, any online activity can be tracked through eSafe. The Google classrooms must be accessed in an appropriate space at home and students must be appropriately dressed throughout.

If you have a safeguarding concern during this period of enforced closure, please contact the following number and you will receive a response as soon as possible: 07856 430 853

Pupils and parents/carers are reminded of the ICT Code of Conduct in place with regards to appropriate use of the internet. The following videos/websites should ensure that parents are directed to safer internet guidance:

Online video safety:



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