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**Some year groups might not show a Current Working level as we develop the Academies assessment system.**

Current Working Levels (Year 7 and 8):

Student Grading and Current Working Levels

Based on Age Related Expectations

'Working At' indicates that a student should achieve a grade 4 or above at GCSE in year 11.

We are using the following statements to assess students during year 7 and 8

Current Working Levels (Year 9, 10 and 11):

Student Grading and Current Working Levels

From September 2015, subjects will change from A*-G to a number scale ranging from 1 (the lowest) to 9 (the highest). The first GCSE examination results to feature the numeric grading system will be the English and Mathematics results in 2017. Changing the GCSE grading scale from eight letters (A*-G) to nine numbers (1 to 9) is not straight forward, and will result in a re-alignment of standards. We have included a diagram to the left of the page to show current thinking on the process of understanding the two scales.

Teachers will use the new grading structure to align targets and age related expectations of students at Bexleyheath Academy

In Year Progress for all year Groups:

Progress is also recorded using a five-point scale as indicated in the table to the left. From this indication provided by the subject teacher, leaders at the Academy will be able to judge the level of support Bexleyheath Academy will provide to each and every individual student at the Academy.

Attitude to Learning for all year Groups:

ATL is measured using a five-point scale. The teacher has taken into account a variety of reasons before giving this indication of your child’s attitude to learning including, behaviour in lessons, personal organisation, homework and engagement with learning.

The detailed criteria for each point on the scale can be found in the table to the left.

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