Expert Geoscience Support to Energy Projects

Dr Arnout Everts, AEGeo's Lead Consultant, brings 33 years experience in energy projects around the globe. His key areas of expertise include exploration support, techno-commercial project due-diligence, field (re)development, subsurface CO2 storage and resource assessments for conventional or unconventional oil and gas or for geothermal assets. As a EuroGeologist title-holder Arnout is entitled to sign off on Company Reserves and Resources reports submitted to regulatory bodies 

Track Record of Project Delivery (involvement in >100 projects within the last 20 years)

Expertise in Reservoir Characterization and 3D Reservoir Modelling

Dr Arnout is a renowned expert 3D static reservoir modeller with 27 years experience building models of carbonates, clastics and unconventionals (CBM). He has particular strengths in seismic constrained reservoir modelling and in uncertainty analysis and management. He has authored several papers on these topics published in scientific journals and/or at international conferences.

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Besides his 3D geomodeller skills, Arnout is also fully versatile in seismic interpretation, seismic attribute analysis including AVO and rock physics analysis, depth conversion and mapping. He can also perform routine petrophysical analysis.

Structural Geology and Fault-Seal Analysis

Dr Arnout has a sound academic background in structural geology and extensive experience in applied structural geology to renewable energy and oil and gas projects. He can work with industry-standard tools and techniques but he has also a suite of niche tools specifically tailored to faultseal and structural geology assessment in exploration settings with sparse data.
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Geothermal Energy and Geothermal Resource Assessment

In recent years, Dr Arnout has built considerable knowledge and experience in assessing geothermal resource potential and screening of notional development concepts for geothermal exploitation - in particular "sedheat" (hot porous aquifers) and EGS (Enhanced or Engineered Geothermal Systems also known as Hot Dry Rock). Besides the capability to perform the required subsurface reservoir characterization (assessment of geothermal gradients, mapping of geothermal reservoirs and their properties, characterization of fracture networks, definition of applicable geothermal play-types), he also has developed a toolkit to quantify geothermal resources, assess the thermal-yield potential of different well and completion configurations and estimate the anticipated time of cool-water breakthrough from injectors to producers. For EGS systems, he deploys industry-standard analytical methods to assess the likely range of thermal recovery efficiencies and thermal heat yield of EGS wells.
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AEGeo Business Standards, Integrity and Ethics

AEGeo is committed to the highest standards of integrity, openness and accountability in the conduct of it's business and operations. We seek to conduct our work in an ethical, responsible and transparent manner.

Key guidance in maintaining proper ethical standards in our work is the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission Act 2009 (MACCA;
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