About Sports 4 All

Board of Directors

Anne Mlod, President

Belinda Tanner, Treasurer

Andrew Collier

Joe Mushock

Laura Pesarchick

Trevon Robertson

Jim VanArsdale

My name is Madison Chambers I started Sports 4 All when I was a senior at Auburn High School. I participated in the Young Entrepreneurs Academy, which is a program that gives students the opportunity to come up with their own business or organization.

My Story

When I was in elementary school I always wanted to play a sport but I never could because my mom didn't have the money to pay for the participation fee or equipment. Not being able to play a sport really took a toll on my confidence. When I finally did play a sport I had to use old cleats that were gross. I also wasn't has good as the other players and so I ended up not playing for a long time because I didn't feel good enough. I now have tried five sports and I did pretty bad at all of them. I don't want kids to have to go through what I did, I want them to be able to play a sport they want at a young age and feel good about themselves and confident in their playing skills.