Social Studies 7

Seventh grade social studies is the first part of a two year history course which covers American history. This course offers a chronological history of the United States up to and including the Civil War. The course includes an emphasis on the social, political, and economic roots of New York State. Seventh grade social studies begins with the geography of the Western Hemisphere and the factors affecting settlement patterns and living conditions of Native Americans. Students then study European settlement and colonization, life in colonial communities, and the causes of the American Revolution. The principles of our government are studied through the major elements of our Constitution. The course then focuses on the early presidents of the United States looking into the ways they strengthened the nation. Concluding units focus on the regional differences leading to the Civil War and on the westward expansion that aggravated the slavery issue.

Through their writing, students will analyze cause and effect relationships, make comparisons and contrasts, and present informed opinions. They will be expected to contribute to class discussions, debate historical arguments, and frequently work in small groups.