Auburn A to Z

History's Hometown

A Book Created by Genesee Elementary School 4th Grade Students

and published with a grant from the Auburn Education Foundation

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"We want our students to appreciate and be proud of the history and culture that is literally right in their own backyards. "

Mrs. Gilmore, 4th Grade Teacher

On June 20, 2018, students from Mrs. Gilmore, Ms. Jasinski and Mrs. Mlod's 2016-2017 fourth grade class held an event at the Carriage House Theater celebrating the publication of "Auburn - History's Hometown - A to Z."

They created this book over the course of a two year period. The project originated from Auburn School District summer curriculum work in 2016 in which librarians and classroom teachers developed a project-based learning unit which included the following:

  • an essential question
  • learning outcomes that focused on the learning standards
  • A layout that would define the role of the teacher and librarian during the project.

Mrs. Gilmore and Mrs. Mlod developed a project focused on the following essential question: How does caring about the place we live, appreciating historical and cultural environments, and appreciating the past and present help us to be better citizens?

The unit involved a gallery walk of photos of Auburn from the past, students learning about sites in Auburn through research, field trips and the Passport to History program offered by the Historical and Cultural Sites Commission. A Target Field Trip grant secured by Mrs. Mlod allowed us to visit some of the sites in the Passport. In the spring of 2017, students brainstormed possible words to represent each letter of the alphabet, decided on the best word, and started the research process.

4th grade students meet with Mr. Terry Cuddy's Graphic Design and New Media students to discuss the layout and design of the book.

Date Created: June 24, 2018 Date Last Updated: April 9, 2019