Auburn New York History....created by and for 4th grade students

(and anyone else interested in learning about Auburn NY's rich history!)

A Book Created by Genesee Elementary School 4th Grade Students, published with a grant from the Auburn Education Foundation

Since 2014, Auburn 4th grade students have participated in a "Harriet Was Here" song-writing residency with the folk duo Magpie (Greg Artzner and Terry Leonino) in which they researched one aspect of Harriet Tubman's life and create lyrics to an original song. This project was developed by the non-profit social justice organization "John Brown Lives!" and has also received ongoing support from the Harriet Tubman Boosters of Auburn, NY.

To encourage fourth grade students and their families to visit Auburn' s museums and historic sites, Auburn's Historic & Cultural Sites Commission created the "Passport to History" program in 2003 as a fun way for students to learn about the Auburn's rich history and culture. Students pick up a passport at a participating site, answer questions about the site and then receive a passport stamp on the site page, just like they would in an actual passport. The goal is for students and their families to visit all the sites and turn in a completed passport with a stamp on each page, making them eligible for various prizes.