Update - January 2019

Thank you for your interest in the Iowa Core Advocate Network. The monthly webinar learning series is evolving into a new network that will include a range of disciplines and support implementation of all Iowa Academic Standards. In the future, previous ELA/literacy and mathematics webinars will be posted on, but will live on this site until that transition is complete. More information will be forthcoming in the Lead Teach Learn newsletter and on

Who are we?

Iowa Core Advocates are educators who act in varied professional roles, come from different communities and areas of expertise, and are united around a few key principles:

  • Believe in the potential of high quality standards grounded in evidence to prepare all students for college and careers;
  • Understand and embrace the Shifts in instruction and assessment required by the Iowa Core;
  • Are eager to support their colleagues and communities in understanding and translating the Shifts into instructional practice.

The goal of the Iowa Core Advocates Network is to engage educators with the content knowledge and resources they need to support teachers and students in the transition towards a college- and career-ready education.


The Iowa Core Advocate Network is inspired by the Student Achievement Partners’ National Core Advocate network.

  • Student Achievement Partners has worked since 2012 to support teachers and leaders across the country in their work to align instructional practice to the expectations of rigorous college and career ready standards, through a program called Core Advocates.
  • Since 2014 this work has included the support of state networks of Core Advocates. All of Student Achievement Partners’ Core Advocate network efforts at the national and state level are set up to foster Instructional Advocacy.