Forecast Fusion is a podcast produced by Advance Weather, providing Southern Ontario with an audible source for weather information. The podcast will also feature special guests from time to time!

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April 10, 2024

Episode 11

An Interview with Mike Kakuk and Lisa Williams

For the first interview of the podcast, I am joined by Mike Kakuk and Lisa Williams, co-hosts of The Morning Drive  on AM 800 CKLW in Windsor, Ontario. We discuss their history with the station, how they got into radio broadcasting, and more! You can hear Mike and Lisa on weekday mornings from 5 to 9 AM.

March 29, 2024

Episode 6

Daily Forecast for March 30, 2024

Rainfall of 5-10 mm expected in Deep Southwestern Ontario tomorrow. Easter Sunday looking like it will be dry with temperatures near 10°C. Watching a system for next week which could bring rain or snow, along with the threat for wind, however a lot of details remain uncertain. We give the preliminary details here.

March 16, 2024

Episode 5

Daily Forecast for March 17, 2024

Rain continuing tonight before snow showers develop across the region for St. Patrick's Day tomorrow. Some snow showers may be heavy and cause some poor visibility and coat the roads quickly, especially along Highway 401, 402, 21 and 26. Remaining a bit cool for next week.

March 15, 2024

Episode 4

Daily Forecast for March 16, 2024

Fog expected tonight into tomorrow morning. Rain and snow showers expected through the day tomorrow. Have you ever heard of an occluded front? I explain what it means and what it will bring to us through the day tomorrow. Cooler with snow showers on Sunday.

March 14, 2024

Episode 3

Daily Forecast for March 15, 2024

We have missed the severe weather threat tonight thankfully. Drizzle, showers and thunderstorms wrap up tonight before we become drier tomorrow with temperatures in the single digits. Warmer for Saturday, snow showers possible through the weekend.

March 9, 2024

Episode 2

Daily Forecast for March 10, 2024

Welcome to Forecast Fusion!

Rain wraps up tonight before snow showers start across the area tomorrow. Snow Squalls will develop off Lake Huron before we warm up considerably for the start of the week with rain expected on Thursday. Tonight is Spring Forward!

March 8, 2024

Episode 1

Daily Forecast for March 9, 2024

Welcome to Forecast Fusion!

Rain will continue across the region tomorrow as temperatures cool through the day. Much cooler on Sunday with snow squalls before warming back above freezing on Monday. We have the details here.