Experience and Connections

The eGaming industry’s first ‘Publisher’ of gaming content.

25+ years of industry experience.

Holding UK Remote Software Provider and Hosting licenses.

Relationships with numerous game development partners, operators and platforms throughout the industry.

Game Creation

Insight into what has been successful and what has not.

Which styles and features work in which markets and appeal more to which types of player.

Can arrange client and server side development

Provision of Mathematics, Audio, usability and playability

Licensing and Regulations

Quick access to market

Help you access jurisdictions not viable on your own.

Help you apply for your own licenses

Game certification and Security Audits

Grow Revenue

Should you build to order? License exclusively? What is the right term? Upfront fee, ongoing revenue share or both? How much? What rate? Opportunities to resell?

What is the best/most cost effective way to deliver the game to the operator? Which delivery path has the most exposure? Etc. etc. We can guide you through this process.


We would be happy to hear details of your projects and discuss how we can help:

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