Family law

Our services include pre-nuptial contract, co-habitant agreement, preparing and certifying financial agreements for partners before and during their marriage, and after their separation, divorce application. Filing and responding to Court Consent Order, representing our client in court for disputes of property, children, and child support. We have obtained good results and are cost effective. Our services are highly recommended. We have clients living in different countries including USA, Japan, Vietnam, Cambodia, India, Bangladesh and Pakistan.

property law

We provide a variety of legal services in Property Law, acting for vendors including property investors, developers; advising in relation to foreign investments. We represent our clients in court proceedings for property contract disputes. We have represented for the Caveators and defend the registered owners in various property law matters. We are a member of PEXA (Property Exchange Australia), which is leading electronic conveyancing in the world, and they assist us to ensure accurate, efficient, and cost effective conveyancing services.


We prepare commercial leases for landlords, representing them in VCAT disputes. In other matters, we advise Tenants, advocating them in dispute with landlords and landlord’s agents. We assist our client in company law and share transfer. We act for franchisees, and represent our clients in the Supreme Court for defence of bankruptcy and liquidation.

criminal law

We defend our client in all police matters including representing in contest trial at Magistrates’ Court, County Court and Supreme Court. We visit our clients in gaol. We have experience to represent our clients in all criminal law matters including dealing with confiscation and application for victim compensation.

will & probate

We prepare simple or complex wills, compile applications for probate (distribute the deceased’s estate pursuant to their wills), or apply for Letter of Administration (distribution of the deceased’s estate in case of no will exist). We represent our client in dispute in relation to the Will at the Supreme Court.

civil litigation

We act for clients in different areas of civil disputes in relation to Contract Disputes, Defamation, Association, Property damages, Insurance, …etc. We represent our client in Magistrates’, County and Supreme Court.

migration law

We will assist to find the suitable and affordable visa/s for staying in Australia for you and your family. We have experience in applications/submissions for partner visa, business and investment visas, and protection visa. We share with our clients of their difficulties and challenges as we, ourselves have experienced as refugees, family persons, and business-persons as well.

luật di trú

Chúng tôi sẽ giúp quý vị xin các loại giấy phép lưu trú (visa) thích hợp với hoàn cảnh và khả năng tài chính của quý vị. Chúng tôi có kinh nghiệp trong các đệ trình để xin các loại visa cho vợ/chồng, hôn phu/hôn thê; các loại visa dành cho thương vụ, đầu tư và kinh doanh, cũng như các loại giấy phép lưu trú dành cho người xin tỵ nạn. Chúng tôi chia sẻ với thân chủ những khó khăn và thử thách, bởi chính chúng tôi đã trải qua kinh nghiệm là những người tỵ nạn, thành viên gia đình, và người kinh doanh.