Providing professional learning opportunities

   for educators to enrich their teaching practices

   and improve student learning and wellness.

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The Adirondack Teacher Center is

We are one of 125 Teacher Centers across New York State

 focused on training and supporting  local educators through professional learning opportunities

 in order to enrich the learning experiences of their students

Teacher Resource and Computer Training Centers were created by the New York State Legislature in 1984. The intention was to provide school districts and the teachers of the state with an opportunity to develop systematic, on-going in-service training programs. The Centers would assure the dissemination and application of educational research developments in classroom instruction, and develop new curricular materials specifically designed to meet the needs of the students served. Teacher Centers afford teachers and teaching assistants new and expanded opportunities to develop their professional skills. Centers work with schools in an uniquely collaborative way to design and offer services which teachers need and want. These services complement, rather than replace, the staff development programs offered by school districts, BOCES, and other staff development providers.

The Adirondack Teacher Center first opened its doors in 1987. We serve the educational community within a 3,000 square mile region in Franklin, Essex, and Hamilton counties. Every year, we put on numerous in-service programs designed to meet the needs of state and national initiatives, new state assessment requirements, and the demands of the classroom. We also fund a range of Professional Learning Project Supports, providing teachers with money to create curriculum projects or enhance professional development. 


We are located  

 Franklin Academy High school

42 Huskie Lane

 Malone,  NY  12953

 Hours of Operation

The ATC OFFICE is in the process of downsizing and moving to a different room within Franklin Academy High School.


 Office hours can be arranged by appointment

*The office is housed within a safe school.

 Depending on the time,  you may need to call the office 

in order to be admitted to the building.

518-483-7807   EXT. 7168



Questions? Suggestions?

Contact  our director, Jackie McCarthy at