PARP 2022

(Pick A Reading Partner)

"In a World of Pure Imagination"

One School- One Book

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory- by, Roald Dahl

Every student will receive a copy of the book in order to participate in the program this year. The West Leyden PTA is providing the books to families and staff.

This will take place with our other program, PARP (Pick A Reading Partner). This year's theme is "In a World of Pure Imagination" which focuses on creativity and imagination.

Each week your child reads, he or she will receive a prize for participation. There will also be weekly discussion questions, and when students participate they will get a participation prize and be entered in a drawing to win a larger prize. There will be a lot of incentives for families to read along this month!

Book Trailer:

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Don't Have Time to Read Together?

Visit the "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory " Page and listen to specific chapters on YouTube!