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Evaluation of School Activities Form


This is to invite everyone to visit our Mac Laboratory at the fourth floor of the GS building. It has been operational since last week. Big monitors await you :)

Starting September 11, 2017, Monday, Computer Lab 2 will have more available slots for ICT-assisted classes or synergized classes of other subject areas since the SHS classes will be using the Mac Lab.

The House of Gray Wolf tops Early Dragons' points

Two sections from the House of Gray Wolf, the 7-Hope and 8-Fortitude, and the 7-Truth of the House of Blue Fire garnered the highest points for the Early Dragons for the first trimester. Each section received 20 points. They were followed by 7-Peace of the House of Red Shield which was awarded 15 points. Three sections of the House Orcastel namely: 7-Courage, 8-Humility and 9-Generosity accumulated 30 points with 10 points for each section whilde 8-Diligence of the House of Blue Fire got 10 points as well. Lastly, five points were given each to 9-Obedience of Red Shield and 10-Wisdom of Gray Wolf.

With the points for the Early Dragons in, the House of Orcastel is leading with 154 points, followed closely by the House of the Red Shields with 150 points; then the House of Gray Wolf with 130 points; the House of Blue Fire with 114 points and the last for now, but can always come back is the House of Silver Blade with 103 points.

The Mac Laboratory

The laboratory houses 40 units of Mac Minis each with a 17-inch monitor located at the 4th floor of the Grade School building. You may visit this lab in your free time and have an amazing Apple experience.

Kudos to the Science Program!

With our school's effort on integrating technology in the classroom, the Science Program leads the way by being the highest in the number of reservations of our tech facilities and the use of various apps. Filipino and Math also had been doing a lot of integration to increase classroom interactions. LITe continues to support you in making learning fun and engaging.

LITe supports Buwan ng Wika Celebration 2017

Laro ng Lahi scoreboard for Houses was powered by LITe. The scoreboard showed accumulated points gained by each house. This will be used in all school activities participated by the different houses for the entire year.

LITe program trains Tabucan Elementary School teachers

Ms. Laura Milan, the principal of Tabucan Elementary School, requested the LITe program through the Campus Ministry and Social Involvement (CMSI) office to conduct ICT training for eight teachers of their school. The training focused on the use of Google Drive, creation of powerful MS Powerpoint presentations and designing effective video clips. It was held in the computer laboratory of our school on August 18, 2017

ICT Training for Tabucan Teachers
Video Production w/ MovieMaker