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Adjunct Faculty United (AdFac) is a labor union exclusively representing the part-time counselors, instructors, and librarians of the North Orange County Community College District (NOCCCD). 

As a labor union, our goal is to support our members through collective bargaining negotiations, standing up for our rights through grievances, providing opportunities to learn and build community through webinars, and building coalitions with other labor union federations.  

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Virtual ballots to vote for members to serve on our executive board were sent out on Friday, April 19th at midnight. Please cast your ballot before the deadline when the election closes on April 26th, 2024 at 11:59 pm PST. Candidate statements were made available on April 5th and can be found on the ballot and at Check your personal and district emails, including spam boxes, and if you do not see your ballot from SimplyVoting, email us right away at and put "AdFac Election 2024" in the subject line. 

(This information below was sent out on April 5th, 2024. Nominations closed on March 29th, 2024)

Elections for members of our executive board will occur this spring 2024 semester. Voting begins via email on April 19th, 2024. Elected positions include the President, Vice President of Cypress College, Vice President of Fullerton College, Vice President of NOCE, Treasurer and Secretary. Here are the candidate statements from nominees:

President: Marlo Smith, Adjunct Faculty, ESL Dept., NOCE. Statement: “My name is Marlo Smith, and I currently hold the position of Interim President at Adjunct Faculty United. Serving in various capacities within this union over the past three years has been a privilege. During my tenure so far, I have been Vice President at North Orange Continuing Education, affectionately known as NOCE, where I also teach English as a Second Language. Moreover, I am proud to pass that role on to our appointed Vice President of NOCE, Liliana Balasi. I am confident in her leadership abilities and her commitment to creating a positive environment for faculty and students.   Additionally, I have been the lead negotiator in all negotiations, which has resulted in significant wins: paid office hours, a twenty percent raise over the last three years, a $15,000 head coaching stipend, compensation for some meetings—and screening committees. And our crowning achievement—healthcare benefits for you and your dependents. My role in securing these victories has always been, yes, tough negotiations—but the mobilization of YOU, the member, because you showing up to our consequential events is what has given us the power to achieve these monumental victories. Moreover, I have listened to so many of you who have experienced inequities in your department—and I have found solutions to your issues—I have been your intermediary with management. And, it will be an honor to continue listening to you in my role as President of our fierce and mighty union.   Finally, I will continue this momentum in the Fall of 2024 when I will work tirelessly to secure a contract that aligns with the exceptional contributions we make to our students. Together we will teach this district how to treat us by achieving a truly transformational contract that reflects our value and what we bring to this district. Explicitly, I will fight for equal pay for equal work, reasonable job security, paid holidays and vacation days, an improved sick leave policy, and much, much more.   In parting, I believe many of you have heard me say: our entire contract needs to be overhauled—rewritten and reformed to the credo our district touts: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. Together, we will demand that they stand by their credo—not just for a select few—but for ALL.   Please cast your vote for me, your current and future President, Marlo Smith.”

VP Cypress: Dr. Vincent Taylor, Adjunct Faculty, Law Enforcement Dept., Cypress College. Statement: “I have served as the VP of ADFAC United for the Cypress Campus for the last two years and ask that you allow me to continue serving our members for the next two years. In the past two years our executive board has fought for and won Office Hours for our members, Healthcare, and never before paid hours for our coaches. We are in the middle of fighting for job security, higher pay and other contract issues that will benefit all of our members. I hope you will help re-elect me to continue the good fight! Thank you. Cypress College”

VP Fullerton: Alejandra Ceja, Adjunct Faculty, Psychology Dept., Fullerton College. Statement: “It is my sincere pleasure to have the opportunity to run for Fullerton College – Vice President of Adjunct Faculty United for the two-year academic term (2024-2026). I currently serve as a Department Representative for the Social Sciences Dept. at Fullerton College, and I am a current union member in good standing. I currently serve as a board member of a non-profit organization that directly works with striking workers by providing mutual aid at picket lines, emergency financial assistance, legal consultation, and educational training in how to organize a non-unionized workplace. I value and partake in coalition-building with organizations for the working-class, and I believe this skill to be crucial in preparing a strong strike threat to get labor union demands met. As a passionate labor union organizer and collaborator, I hope to bring these skills into the district while I also learn and grow alongside my colleagues. In addition to my labor union experience, my doctoral education and training in Clinical Psychology gives me a solid foundation in critical thinking skills and systems-based thinking that are often crucial in fostering continuous dedication and cooperation to reach the best team outcome. Moreover, I am often told by colleagues, peers, and family members that I foster growth in interpersonal skills, such as compassion, stress management, conflict resolution, and effective communication. Finally, on a personal level, I am a daughter of an immigrant and previous labor union organizer for janitors at the LAX airport. I am passionate about integrating diversity, equity, and inclusion in both my professional, personal, and social justice work. If elected, I am committed to ensuring everyone’s voice is heard and represented in our meetings, conversations, and planning. I am thrilled to run for Vice President at Fullerton College and possibly have the opportunity to collaborate closely with my colleagues from the executive board, attend educational and training workshops, facilitate meetings for adjunct faculty members, and contribute to executive board meetings. I hope I can receive your support. Sincerely, Alejandra (Aly) Ceja Fullerton College, Social Sciences Div. Adjunct Faculty, Psychology”

VP Fullerton: Naveen Kanal, Adjunct Faculty, Physical Education Dept., Fullerton College. Statement:“As your current Fullerton College Vice President for of Adjunct Faculty United, I will continue to advocate and negotiate for equity, pay-parity and a one-tier system. With our negotiation team we have successfully earned a coaching stipend for Athletic Head Coaches at both Cypress and Fullerton; however, this is only the first step in seeking equity. Our next step is to obtain coaching stipends for assistant coaches and also those in the Performing Arts who have duties that are above and beyond the hourly limitations stipulated by NOCCCD and the State of California. Ultimately, our overall arching goal is to work in a system that does not differentiate--read discriminate--between full-time and part-time faculty. We, along with other community college districts in the state, are seeking equity through a one-tier pay system. We have proven our ability to negotiate complete healthcare for all eligible adjunct faculty and know we have the ability to rally and continue to advocate and fight for equity and justice for all adjunct faculty at Fullerton College and our district.”

VP NOCE: Liliana Balasi, Adjunct Faculty, Basic Skills Dept., NOCE. Statement: “My name is Liliana (Lili) Balasi, and I am an adjunct instructor in the Basic Skills Department, NOCE. I have been working for NOCCCD since January 2009. I have worked in every capacity and at every location in the Basic Skills Department. I am currently on the Academic Senate, a hiring committee, and the Professional Development Book Club. I have a B.S. in Finance, an M.S. in T.E.S.O.L., I have served on the executive boards for my majors while in school, and I will be pursing certificates in grant writing and QuickBooks. I hope to contribute to a better contract that includes job security and parity in all areas with our full time counterparts. I see no reason we cannot be a collaborative district that better serves our students and community at large. Thank you for your consideration. I want to fight for you and alongside you.”

Secretary: Layal Lebdeh, Adjunct Faculty, Astronomy Dept., Cypress. Candidate Statement: “My name is Layal Lebdeh and I have been an adjunct at Cypress College for about 5 years now. I have been in the higher Education field especially in the Natural Sciences domain.I have also been part of Academic Senate as an Adjunct and union representative since 2020 along side to my active presence and Union participation at NOCCCD.I am currently the member organizer, COPE (Committee On Political Education) Chair, and for this upcoming elections I have been endorsed by my e-board and fellow members to run for AdFac secretary. I would greatly appreciate each and everyone’s support if you consider me a great fit for this e-board position! In Solidarity, Layal Lebdeh.”

Treasurer: Emmie Lim, Adjunct Faculty, ESL Dept., NOCE. Statement: “I was appointed Treasurer for Adjunct Faculty United #6106 August 2022. Since then, I have attended the CFT Treasurer's Training and learned on the job standard best practices to maintain our local's finances. I will strive to perform my fiduciary duty to the best of my ability. Candidates' Slate--President: Marlo Smith Vice Presidents: Vincent Taylor and Liliana Balasi Treasurer: Emmie Lim Secretary: Layal Lebdeh.” 

To avoid confusion, note that there is only one contested seat, Vice President of Fullerton College, where members will be asked to cast a ballot for one of the two nominees listed above. All other positions are uncontested where there is only one candidate running for each open elected seat on our executive board.

Please mark your calendar to vote on April 19th, 2024 when you will receive an email from SimplyVoting with your assigned login information to cast a secret secured ballot. Check your personal and district emails, including spam boxes, and if you do not see your ballot, reach out to us right away at

Background information: Our elections process, candidate eligibility, voter eligibility and responsibilities of members of the executive board are outlined in our constitution and by-laws listed on our website ( For more information you may reference the following articles and sections: ARTICLE III / Section 4, ARTICLE IV / Sections 1- 6, ARTICLE VII / Section 3, ARTICLE VIII / Sections 1 - 8, ARTICLE XII, By-laws ARTICLE V / Sections 1-6, and all appendix items.

Also, here is the elections timeline as previously provided:

✅ Notification of Election Sent to Members (March 15th, 2024)

✅ Nominations of Candidates Ends (March 29th)

✅ Ballot of Candidates sent (via email) to Members (April 5)

🔔Voting Opens 12:00am (April 19th)

🔔Voting Closes 11:59pm (April 26th).

The new board is sworn in at the end of the May, 2024’s executive board meeting to start their 2 year terms (May 2024 to May 2026).

If you have any questions please address them to the elections committee by emailing and in the subject line include "AdFac Election 2024"