JP Services

Rostered Justice of the Peace Services

    • Most Thursdays from 11am to 1pm (See calendar)
    • No Booking Required.
    • Location at the Adelaide Hills Business Centre. 82 Onkaparinga Valley Road Woodside (Opposite Bakery)
    • Please bring some form of ID for the person(s) named on the documents.

Other Times by appointment

    • Gordon John Kay JP - 8389 7737 (Woodside - Adelaide Hills Business Centre) - View availability calendar below.
    • Neville John Wuttke JP - 8389 7345 (Woodside - location as arranged)
    • Heather Jane Hartly JP - 0401 691 329 (Charleston - location as arranged)

Fees : All JP Services are 100% Free.

Note : The AHBC has no direct involvement with the provision of JP service except for providing a meeting place for JP's and people seeking JP services. While Gordon Kay is the centre manager he acts as an independent JP for South Australia.

Printing / Emailing Of Documents

If you need photocopies or scan-email of original documents up to A3 (297x410mm) size, such services are available at the Centre for a small fee. Click here to see rates

Bushfire - Lost Documents (Download)

Birth, Marriage or Change of Name - The SA government has established a rapid response service for those that have lost certificates during the recent bushfires. You will need a copy of the card issued to you from one of the Recovery Centres. The AHBC can assist you with photocopies.

Firearms licences and registration papers

Phone the SA Police Firearms Branch on 7322 3346 or email

Statutory Declaration

If you are asked to complete a Statutory Declaration or "Stat Dec" when making an insurance claim etc, either complete the handwritten document or edit the Word or Google Docs versions. Some organisations will also provide your with a Statutory Declaration form to completed. You will need to see a JP to witness you signing the Statutory Declaration. Some form of ID (License, Medicare card etc) will be required before the Oath can be taken.

Free Blank Statutory Declaration forms can be obtained from the Centre.

Availability Calendar

Gordon Kay - Justice of the peace.

If the scheduled Thursdays are not suitable, you may call in or arrange a time with Gordon Kay at the Business Centre.

  1. Check his availability using the Calendar on this page. A clear time slot between 10am to 5pm Monday to Friday is best.
  2. Confirm a time by calling into the Business Centre or phone (8389 7737).

If your requirements involves a large number of documents, Power of attorney, Advance care directive or Lands title documents, it is best to arrange a time in advanced.

Services, Times and Notes

The role of the JP is to act as an independent and objective witness of documents used for offical or legal purposes. Below are a list of Services that a JP is normally called upon to witness. To assist you, we have included important information that you need to consider and required time before seeing a JP.

If a JP declines to witness your documents, it is normally because these reason:

      • JP is not authorised.
      • information or the document is incomplete.
      • identity could not be determined.
      • poor comprehension of the document content or intent.
      • a know false statement is being provided.
      • The JP is not given ample time to examine the document

In some cases the JP may make a separate times to assist you, particularly where many documents are to be witnessed.

Statutory Declaration - Making a declaration under the "SA Oaths Act 1936" or Commonwealth "Statutory Declaration Act 1959".

    • The Statutory Declaration document can be typed or hand written. See download documents for correctly formatted SA Statutory Declaration documents.
    • Do not sign the Statutory Declaration. Must be witnessed by JP.
    • ID required.
    • Allow 15 minutes.

Affidavit - Making an affidavit by signing, swearing or affirming a statement for a court matter.

    • If an oath to your God (Swear), please bring your bible if other than the New / Old Testament Bible.
    • Handwritten Affidavits should be avoided as they may not be accepted in some courts. Eg. Family Court.
    • Do not sign the Affidavit. Must be witnessed by JP.
    • ID Required.
    • Allow 15 to 25 minutes.

Certified Copies - A statement that the copy is that of the original document.

    • Bring in the original document. If framed, it must be removed.
    • Bring in the copy. Ensure the copy includes all parts of the original document up the edges edge. The copy can be in black and white and scaled to fit as long as all information is legible. To avoid examination time, documents can be copied by the centre up to A3. A small fee from the Centre may apply for the making of copies.
    • Electronic copies from a Computer / Phone devices, email or printed on a personal printer can be certified by way of a Statutory Declaration stamp placed on the printout.
    • Allow 10 minutes per document.

Wills - A Will requires to two witnesses, one of which can be a JP. The JP can oversee correct procedures to minimise potential probate and execution issues.

    • The person making their Will (Testator) must bring the Will in pristine condition with one or two other witness. A JP can be a Witness to the Will but not as a JP.
    • The JP will question the Testator to ensure they understand the content of the Will and that they are not under duress to sign.
    • Do not remove any staples or binding of the Will. The Will must not be laminated and should not be folded.
    • Do not date or sign until ready to Witness. All signing must be completed using the one pen and dates at time of witnessing.
    • Certified Copies of the Will can be produced. A small fee may apply for the copying service.
    • Allow 15 to 30 minutes.

Lands Title Documents - Verifying ownership of title and transfer

    • Face to Face verification of owners.
    • Owners to bring 100 points of ID. (Photo ID is required)
    • Bring all transfer documents.
    • Bring Rate Notices and / or utility bills with owners names.
    • Each person on the title to attend otherwise only part witnessing can be completed.
    • Do not date or sign until ready to Witness.
    • Allow 30 to 60 minutes.

Powers Of Attorney - Person or Persons (Attorney / Donee) who is allocated the power to make certain decision on your behalf (Donor)

    • Select :-
      • General Power Of Attorney (PoA) - Ceases when donor loses mental capacity.
      • Enduring Power Of Attorney (EPoA) - Remains valid when the donor loses mental capacity.
    • The person making the Powers Of Attorney are to bring the Powers Of Attorney document in and ensure that all sections including limitations are completed.
    • Do not sign the Powers Of Attorney document. Must be witnessed by JP.
    • The JP will question the Donor to ensure they understand the content and extent of the Powers Of Attorney and that they are not under duress to sign.
    • ID Required.
    • Allow 30 to 60 minutes.

Advance Care Directives (ACD) - A document that describes your wishes and goals for health care and lifestyle

    • The person giving the Advance Care Directive must bring in the ACD document. Must be in English.
    • Do not sign the ACD document.
    • If a Substitute Decision Maker (SMD) is nominated in the ACD document this person must also attend.
    • If the person giving the Advance Care Directive can not speak or understand English, you will need to bring an Interpreter. The Interpreter should be independent.
    • The JP will question the person giving the ACD to ensure they understand the content and extent of the ACD and that they are not under duress to sign.
    • ID Required from all involved.
    • Determine the number of Certified Copies that you may require. A small fee may apply for the copying service.
    • Allow 30 to 60 minutes.

Other Services :- (Contact us for details)

    • Marriage of a Minor - Witness of Consent
    • Changing of child's name - Witness of Consent
    • Waiver of Rights - Second hand vehicles