Moodle Login and Password

Logging in to our Moodle servers requires your addunet login and password.

  1. Your login should NOT include

  2. Your default password begins with AdDU followed by about 13-15 digits or characters.
    For example: AdDU2202985938936 [Note that the 2nd character 'd' is lowercase]

    For Basic Education students, you might have a slightly different default password format. Please follow the instructions sent to you or contact the Grade School Helpdesk at

Unfortunately, for security reasons, changing of an addunet password requires that you are inside the campus and using a wired (network) computer. The link is similarly an intranet link--meaning this page can be opened only inside the AdDU network. You cannot connect to this page from outside of AdDU.

Please send an email to if you have really forgotten your password. Use your AdDU Gmail and we will be able to help you recover/reset your password.