Though I have a background in bilingual education, writing, music, technology, and ministry, I have found the most fulfillment in being a mother to three amazing children, servings others, and encouraging other mothers to discover and embrace their true identity in Christ. Having a child with cerebral palsy veered the course of my life into uncharted waters - but truly, we are all on uncharted waters and everyone's life is uniquely challenging and full of blessings. Growing and changing day by day, each one of us has a tremendous story to live.

From my personalized children's CD's, to classic read-aloud audio books, to my own children's literature, to my video blog with tips and encouragement for "special needs" moms, I hope that something will speak to you, to wake up a spark of new hope in your journey, and to turn your face toward the God who loves you so.

Valerie lives in San Diego, California, with her husband and two living children.