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Program Philosophy

Music has a unique place in the school curriculum. While it is an academic class in the sense of having a definite curriculum and expected competencies, music's study provides so much more to our lives than we may realize. Educator and professor of music, Paul Lehman remarked, "Music provides an outlet for creativity and self-expression. It enables us to express our noblest thoughts and feelings. It engages our imaginations. It allows us to assert our uniqueness..." 

As a member of the HHS Orchestra program, expectations for behavior, time commitment, and effort are very high. Our students in the Performing Arts set a high level of excellence and conduct well above the normal student conduct expectations. Here at HHS there is a proud tradition of excellence in music and performance and are continually striving to maintain those traditions and excellence each year. A mutually beneficial synergy between parents, students, and director will help ensure the continued success and excellence of the HHS Orchestras. 

In order to continue that success, we rely on our parents and the community for much needed support. We hope that you will dedicate your time and talent to the success of the program. We expect all of our students to be well disciplined and have a positive attitude in anything they do with a strong work ethic. We want our students to have a successful and memorable musical experience and we are continually striving for the highest. Together, parent, student, and director will ensure that the HHS Orchestras are the best they can be!