The B.I.O.N.I.C.

Bodega & Boutique

If you have an immediate need, please contact one of the BIONIC Bodega & Boutique coordinators: 

Jantrey Meyer @ or

Candra Adams @ 

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Numbers Served 22/23

The BIONIC Bodega & Boutique has been a labor of love and support for our students and their families in need. We have been grateful to the Five Star Foundation for their fundraising and grant writing efforts to create the Bodega and the other resource closets in the district. Food for Hope has also been an incredible partner by adopting Shadow Ridge Middle School as an on-school food bank to ensure continued food access to students and their families.

Below is the impact so far during the 2022/2023 school year here at Shadow Ridge alone.

Photos of BIONIC Bodega & Boutique.


The BIONIC Club (Believe It Or Not I Care) is proud to announce the  BIONIC Bodega and Boutique. This is a school resource closet with clothes, food, household items and school supplies for  our students and their families in need. 

What we've done

Due to a large grant from The Five Star Education Foundation, who partnered with the Adams County Foundation, Albertsons, Kaiser, and other funders,  the club was able to purchase new clothing, food, household items and infrastructure to create a resource closet for students and their families. With partnerships with the Five Star Education Foundation, A Precious Child, Food for Hope and other donors, the BIONIC Bodega & Boutique will continue to thrive at Shadow Ridge.

 How to shop the BIONIC Bodega & Boutique

In an effort to make items in the BIONIC Bodega & Boutique available  to our students and their households, there is an in person shopping option available and an online option. Please see the shopping page here for more information.

A special thank  you to our ongoing partners, sponsors, donors and supporters!

For additional questions, please contact one of the BIONIC Bodega & Boutique coordinators: 

Jantrey Meyer at or 720-972-5053

or Candra Adams at or 720-972-5041