Our Work

Advancing Dynamic Solutions works with a variety of organizations on projects that support healthier youth and communities.

Below are examples of our current and previous partnerships and efforts.

Healthy Schools Campaign

Supporting multiple national projects related to the Every Student Succeeds Act, including health and chronic absenteeism as part of these federal requirements. This included conducting in-depth interviews, compiling an evidence-based practice overview, and holding discussion groups on chronic absence.

"You've both been such a pleasure to work with and we're so impressed by the quality of all the work. We would love to partner with you again in the future and we will also highly recommend you to anyone that reaches out to us in need of support."

-Alex Mays, Healthy Schools Campaign - Senior National Program Director

Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment

Facilitating statewide public health and environment improvement plan development. This includes supporting the state Advisory Committee and a Navigation Team, developing and designing a public health data assessment summary, and supporting a prioritization and planning process.

“I've worked with the Amy's over the last decade and, honestly, they never cease to amaze me. They are skilled at seeing the big picture, developing a strong plan of action and then implementing the plan - all the while meeting each deadline and building the most positive relationships with stakeholders and partners.”

-Anne-Marie Braga, CDPHE Director - Office of Planning, Partnerships and Improvement

Children's Hospital Colorado

Working with the Colorado Alliance for School Health to support health and education organizations in developing a common advocacy agenda to improve youth physical and behavioral health. This includes meeting facilitation, program planning, and development of a "Call to Action" for the Alliance.

“AD Solutions has incredible breadth and depth of knowledge and experience. They successfully facilitated a process for the Alliance whereby the voices of nine health-related and education organizations, with differing priorities, were heard and integrated into a common advocacy agenda. This was no small feat.”

-Susan Goldenstein, Children's Hospital - Prevention Education & Outreach Manager

Colorado Department of Education

Supported the Project AWARE effort to synthesize promising practices in behavioral health. This included in-depth interviews with participating school districts and working on a guidance document to inform other districts about best practices.

"You two are amazing, wonderful, awesome, and smart. Not only are you pleasant and professional, but so helpful and devoted. You make it all look easy...which I know it's not."

-Sarah Mathew, Colorado Department of Education, Director - Health & Wellness Unit

Random Acts of Kindness

Worked on mapping to the new Random Acts of Kindness curriculum lesson plans to social emotional learning, academic, technology, and health education standards. This included reviewing all lessons, identifying knowledge and skills in each lesson, and identifying the appropriate standards in a consistent format. A detailed report of the mapping project was shared to outline the process and next steps.

“Advancing Dynamic Solutions was incredible to work with; they went above and beyond what was asked of them and offered us insights on our curriculum that we hadn’t even considered! They are meticulous and thoughtful in everything they do."

-Karina Delaney, Random Acts of Kindness, Director of Strategic Partnerships

Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment

Worked with a group of stakeholders to identify the needs for staffing and next steps for youth and school health data collection efforts across Colorado. This included stakeholder interviews, data gathering and synthesis, meeting facilitation, and development of documents outlining processes and procedures for the youth-related data collection efforts.

“Amy and Amy were wonderful to work with...they listened thoughtfully, and catered their approach to fit our needs, as well as the needs of our stakeholders. They are passionate about the work they do and it is consistently demonstrated through their intentional approach for finding sustainable solutions in the places that felt most challenging."

-Audra Bishop, Maternal and Child Health Workforce Development Section Manager

Full Circle of Lake County

Facilitated a retreat with the Board of Directors at Full Circle, a non-profit organization that focuses on positive youth development, health equity, and providing a safe and supportive environment for Lake County, Colorado youth & families. This included developing an action plan addressing board governance, finance, fundraising, and program offerings.

"Thanks to Advancing Dynamic Solutions for facilitating our annual board retreat - it was incredibly engaging, fun, and productive! It often feels difficult to spend funds on facilitation, and after this fantastic session, it is now a priority for our organization. Thanks again for keeping us focused, on track, and goal-oriented!"

-Stephanie Cole, Full Circle Executive Director

Wellness Training Specialists

Facilitated two professional development events, focused on policy and systems efforts for health and wellness in schools. Colorado Healthy Schools Coordinators and Physical Education Coordinators participated in workshops that addressed the federal Every Student Succeeds Act, Local Wellness Policy, and other policies that can sustain and elevate health and wellness efforts.

"Amy and Amy are two of the most knowledgeable individuals when it comes to school health and policy out there. It is great to work with them on the Healthy Schools Coordinator meeting and the Colorado Physical Education Leadership Conference. They have amazing expertise and skill in working with educators."

-Terry Jones, Wellness Training Specialists President

Colorado Education Initiative

Supported the content population and launch of Colorado's Healthy Schools Successful Students Hub. The Hub is an interactive website intended to build community, share resources, and connect organizations around physical, social, emotional, and mental health in schools. This work included working with numerous partners to obtain resources to post on the Hub, reviewing and tagging all materials, and uploading nearly 300 resources, programs , and events onto the online resource.

"AD Solutions was a critical partner to us just when we needed it. They worked with us collaboratively and with such expertise and professionalism, we were able to launch the Healthy Schools Successful Students Hub successfully. We appreciated their attention to detail and their willingness to be self-directed when that was the right move; a thought partner when that was what we needed. They were great to work with!”

-Finessa Ferrell- Colorado Education Initiative, Social Emotional Learning Specialist

Lake County Better Out of School Time (BOOST)

Consulted with Get Outdoors Leadville! and a group of seven organizations on their Better Out of School Time (BOOST) efforts. This included facilitating monthly meetings to develop group operating agreements, group structures, as well as an initial workplan based on in-depth interviews and data collected from the team.

“Amy and Amy really helped to launch our working group. They helped us set a positive group culture, produced some terrific work tools, and struck the right balance of guiding and listening. They ultimately set up our team to thrive well beyond their facilitation, which is priceless. We are many leaps beyond where we would have been without them.”

-Cisco Tharp, Healthy Kids Director, Get Outdoors Leadville! - Lake County Public Health