Student Government Association

Asheville High School SGA

The purpose of SGA is to better the Asheville High community. Through student lead activities and leadership, our goal is to bring students, faculty and the community together.

Feel free to contact your officers with any questions or concerns!

Elected Officials

Student Body Officials

Student Body President: Sawyer Taylor-Arnold,

Student Body Vice President: Thomas McDermott-Post,

Student Body Representative: Kaliq Moore,

Senior Class Officials

Senior Class President: Elizabeth Greer,

Senior Class Vice President: Ana Tsiros,

Senior Class Representative: Isabelle Theodossiou,

Junior Class Officials

Junior Class President: Michael Wilkerson,

Junior Class Vice-President: Henry Hitchcock,

Junior Class Representative: Levi Harris,

Sophomore Class Officials

Sophomore Class President: Aida Courtenay-Smith,

Sophomore Class Vice-President: Beau Willard,

Sophomore Class Representative: Kaylee O'Brien,

Appointed Officials

Communications Officer: Sarah Plaut,

Historian: Michael Fitzpatrick,

Secretary: Ella Carlinnia,

Treasurer: Meg Van Cleve,

Web Master: Paige Kemper,

Civic Engagement: Joe Hanlon,

Community Service: Ella Chancey,


Abbey Ende, Ruthee Jester, Zya Brown, Traevon Robinson, PJ Jones, Marvin Pearson, Ilyas Colie, Isabelle Frierich, and Pamela Ciru-Banegas.

Interested in joining Asheville High's Student Government as a volunteer?

Come visit Mr. Van Cleve, in room 207, or Ms Williams, in room 221, to get the application form! All are welcome.