Isaac Dickson MUSIC

Mrs. Fowler's Classroom

Last Update: 03/23/20


Mrs. Fowler is busy continuing to design an online classroom for K-5 Music students to explore developmentally-appropriate music material.


K-3 students participate in group activities in the Music room, which is pretty impossible to do online, but I'm going to find resources and activities for parents to engage in music-learning with their children. Please be patient as I work to gather these, and if you find anything, or have any ideas, I'm glad to hear them. :)

4th and 5th grade students will still have access to their CANVAS classroom for Recorder, so stay steady, young Jedi! <3

You are LOVED. I will miss you during this time away - play outside, practice calm, and open your mind to learning about this world in all the best ways. May you be happy, may you be healthy, may you be safe and sound. And give yourself some love from me.

1 - Monkeys
2 - The Ocean
2.Wk2.DL.The Ocean2
3 - Marches
4 - Recorder & Ukulele Support
5 - Recorder & Ukulele Support

Welcome to the Music Room!

Hey, this is Mrs. Fowler and I'm incredibly enthusiastic about all the curriculum and performance opportunities that we've got going on in our Music Program this year!

Please check this page periodically as time passes to see what's around the corner for you and your IDES students.

EXCITING things are happening this year in MUSIC CLASS!

Well, the drumming fundraiser didn't "hit it off" like we'd have liked.

So, instead, we're redirecting our musical energies toward the building of a SOUND GARDEN on campus.

Mrs. Fowler will be working with the PTO and hopefully some other outside funding sources to try and make this happen. Please see your PTO reps or email Mrs. Fowler for more details!

For more information regarding our Sound Garden, please CLICK HERE!

Potential Sources for Funding

$1545 - Crowd Sourced Fundraiser

$2000 - Potential PTO earmark

$900 - Internal Music Account

$1200 - District Funds

$2000 - Potential IDES Facilities earmark

$10,000 - NEA Matching Grant (Fingers Crossed)

Local Businesses? Private Donors? Another Crowd Source?


Want to know what your child is learning in Music Class?

Start by asking them about their monthly theme - This can get a conversation going about the songs and concepts they are studying - and it may even spark a family sing-along!


  • K -Puppies, Bears and Spring
  • 1 - Dynamic Dinosaurs & Tempermental Monkeys
  • 2 - Doctor Bob Sound School and The Ocean
  • 3 - Marching into March with Marches
  • 4 - Beginning Recorder and Ukulele
  • 5 - Advanced Recorder, Ukulele, and Graduation

Coming Soon - APRIL THEMES

  • K - Bees, Bugs, Frogs and Butterflies
  • 1 - Spring Rains
  • 2 - Galloping into Spring
  • 3 - The Zoo
  • 4 - Beginning Recorder and Ukulele
  • 5 - Advanced Recorder, Ukulele, and Graduation

Music Class

Grading Rubric

S = Satisfactory

N = Needs Improvement

U = Unsatisfactory

Sending home report cards is a tough job for any teacher, and Specialists face a special challenge in that we are grading so MANY students but we don't get to see them as frequently. So, participation in the time that we do have them with us is the key generator of class grading. I will never grade a student on how well they do it, just if they try to do it well.

In Music Class students are assessed daily on our three classroom rules:

  • Act Safe
  • Be a First Time Listener
  • Everyone Joins In

These rules are taught in Kindergarten and follow the children through Fifth Grade. The daily assessment is a five-point scale. Should a student be experiencing extreme behaviors, or consistently concerning behaviors, the classroom teacher and/or parents will be contacted and/or a comment will be placed on that students' report card.

Here are some comments I use regularly:

  • Inconsistent Performance = this student has good days and bad days
  • Grade Affected by Behavior = this student is an extreme disruptor in some way
  • Grade Affected by Participation = this student is not choosing to join class activities
  • Shows Improvement = this student had one of the above comments, but is doing better!
  • Rising Star = this student is showing increased interest and participation in class
  • Rockstar! = this student has perfect points


4th and 5th graders are playing recorder this year. If students have their own recorders, great!

If they don't have one yet, they are still be available for purchase from Mrs. Fowler for $5.00. Please make checks payable to IDES - MUSIC, or enclose cash in an envelope marked with your child's full name and classroom teacher.

Order any time in the school year!


Ukulele Club is back ON for the 2019-2020 School Year

If you have ideas for events that might feature a song selection performance by the Club, we'd love to help out!

Email Mrs. Fowler with the event date/time and details.