Asheville High School

AP Environmental Science

Summer Work

Greetings APES students,

Below you’ll find a list of the three assignments you are responsible for completing this summer. They each have different deadlines. You will be sharing all assignments to

Next year be prepared to:

    • read between 10-15 textbook pages per class period (and completing the corresponding chapter vocabulary and study guide assignments)
    • read outside books, essays, news stories, etc.
    • complete projects (including a year-long research project, at least one presentation per nine week term, current events projects, et cetera),
    • complete lab reports

Similar to life, you get out of classes what you put into them. I look forward to a fast paced, energized, challenging, and dynamic year with you!

Get ready, let’s go APES!

~Sarah Duffer

“Success in school is the result of effort, not ability or luck.” – Robert Wilson, AHS APES teacher 1998-2002

Part 1: Summer Reading & Presentation

  1. The Post Carbon Reader - click here for a list of chapters.
    1. Choose 5 chapters from the list above and read them, complete this assignment for each chapter. Upload your entries on this form.
    2. Choose one of the following chapters (2, 7, 8, 12, 16), read, take notes, and complete a 3-5 minutes presentation using Prezi, Google Slides, or some other shareable presentation platform. You'll be presenting this information to your classmates the second day of class!
  2. Read this chapter from E.O. Wilson's "The Future of Life".
    1. Take notes, identify and define new terms, summarize, and include some fun facts.
    2. Upload your assignment here!

due Monday, August 13th, 2018

Part 2: Environmental Legislation

  1. Click here for the assignment.
  2. Upload your work here.

due 5pm the day before school starts: Sunday, August 26th